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Best Choice Email Communication, Solutions for Small Business - IceWarp 1

About IceWarp

IceWarp is a global leader for developing email communication and collaboration solutions. Headquartered in Prague, IceWarp has been operating globally since 2001. IceWarp entirely changes the concept of how teams share information online and optimize business processes through its streamlined & seamless team collaboration solutions, by providing an ultimate all-in-one collaboration platform and a whole new family of apps with real-time collaboration tools, easy sharing options, integration of various virtual office functions right at user’s fingertips by integrating everything they need under a single login – Email, TeamChat, and Storage.


IceWarp offers its users ease of use, security, and efficiency through its complete solution for all their office work in a single window, without needing any third-party applications. IceWarp aims at continuous and comprehensive innovation considering current trends and requirements of more than 50 million paid users and 50,000 customers worldwide. IceWarp is currently present across 50 + countries and has already acquired more than 1200+ customers in India within a span of 6 years.

Currently, IceWarp is the only alternative to MS Exchange, Office 365, and G Suite.

1. How Video and Team collaboration tools will remain CIO’s priority

Witnessing the current situation of the pandemic and its hazardous effect, the current priority for all the CIO’s have shifted to ensure seamless communication. Various departments of the organization are focusing on being able to be connected without compromising on the productivity. At times like these, tools like video and team collaboration have been playing a very vital role, for the organizations to manage the connectivity with the employees and clients seamlessly.

Hence, willingly or unwillingly CIO’s have agreed with the importance and adoption of these tools, thus the demand of team collaboration tools have also witnessed a predominant growth. Today, every organization is looking to have the right solution to connect, communicate and collaborate within and outside the ecosystem, and to ensure business continuity, the collaboration tools have continued to remain as an important part of the CIO’s plans.

2. How is IceWarp helping large organizations to have a secured and connected interface?

IceWarp has been empowering large organizations across verticals like BFSI, Pharma & Healthcare, BPO’s, Manufacturing, Retail, with its all in one E-mail and Collaboration Suite to achieve optimum teamwork. Our Customers are leveraging services like Business email, TeamChat for project teamwork, real-time office document collaboration, online meetings and many more such features which are currently in need, when the organizations and their workforces are operating remotely.

But, I have to mention that security threats have been the major concern during the Covid-19 crisis, hence, security is utmost important, and that’s something we at IceWarp truly believe and ensure the organization’s safety and security of data, with critically designed secured system.

Our platform provides an End-to-end encryption and password protection which enables the team to join conference with secured interface for the organization. Also, our Password protection feature makes the calls private from unwelcome attendees. Moreover, we have the best in class Security from CISCO available as Advanced Threat Protection on our platform.

3. How the company has been expanding in the Indian market

IceWarp has seen unprecedented growth in the last 6 years in Indian market. Although, we are a Global Brand with presence across 50+ countries we had initial challenges to overcome in the Indian market. But, today we are proud to say that we have successfully been provisioning our services to 1200+ customers PAN India and also growing every year in double digits. We have been getting the support and love from the Industry in terms of accepting our product as the best and only alternative to MS Exchange, MO365 & GSuite and we have been bestowed with awards and accolades too.

4. How are you looking at the competitors like zoom, Microsoft teams etc.

There is enough of market available for everyone. Every product has its own features and uniqueness. What we promise to our customers is the flexibility to use IceWarp and also co-exist with any other mailing solution in single domain. Apart from that we offer the uniqueness being able to pay for what you use, so all of this fits the market requirement well in terms of huge TCO savings along with the best of features in Business Email and Collaboration market.

5. What is your target segment?

Our target segment is across verticals and enterprises. Right from a 5 user to large enterprises with thousands of users, we fit in well. Every organization needs email and collaboration hence it is an open market for us. But the value proposition we offer goes very well with Enterprises who have more than 500 user mailboxes since this is where organizations truly feel that they are saving huge TCO to take quicker decisions for IceWarp. The more the number of users, the more is the savings.

6. How many markets have they catered in a span 5 years?

Today, globally IceWarp has presence across 50+ countries. In India, we have been able to acquire customers in every vertical but majorly within BFSI, Pharma & Healthcare, Manufacturing & FMCG, BPO’s and Retail. In a short span of 6 years launched in India we are already catering to 1200+ customers today.

7. How lockdown has acted as a reason for your expansion?

The lockdown has undoubtedly increased the demand for a solution like ours. Everyone was not prepared with technology solutions when the lockdown was announced earlier and that brought unprecedented challenges initially. Most organizations were worried about how the teams will work and collaborate without meeting each other. The pandemic and remote working culture prompted many businesses to revise their IT strategies and the growing need for employees to communicate without interruption to boost the demand for team collaboration solutions to efficiently carry out team meetings and conferences.

Wherein, IceWarp saw 60% of the growth for its solution among its new as well and existing customers.  The company witnessed 2-way growth – one, where existing customers who were using plain vanilla email adopted Collaborative Platform. On the other hand, new customers looked for a cost-effective alternative to MO365 or GSuite and opted for IceWarp. So today in the new normal, the only office rule is, there is no office. Employee safety is the most important aspect for every organization.

8. What are your future plans?

Our future plans are very clear. We see India as a big market and currently we are expanding our teams at the time when organizations are showing the pink slip to their employees “We are hiring”. The demand for our solution requires a bigger team to hit the market with all thrust. We have already taken up our third site at a local datacenter in India to create one more cloud site. We are gunning for a huge target with a mission of growing 4X by 2025.

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