Best Crypto Trading Platforms for 2020-2021

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When you have decided to try yourself in cryptocurrency trading, finding a good platform is a must. This is the main prerequisite of successful trading. We have decided to simplify this task for you and have chosen the best platforms for cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin Digital

This is a relatively new platform to trade cryptocurrency. The platform claims that their success rate is 89% which is completely realistic. It offers an effortless registration process. Also, be ready to verify your account. It is mandatory before you make the first deposit.

Before you start trading with real money, you can use an option of demonstration mode to get acquainted with the platform. Here, you can either trade manually or use robots for automated trading. The minimum withdrawal is just 250 USD.

We would note that withdrawals with Bitcoin Digital are longer than by the most reputable providers. To withdraw your money, you would need to wait 48 hours. If you are using a bank card, the entire process might take up to one week.


This is one of the biggest and the most popular platforms in the world. Here, you can use the platform and wallet services. Coinbase supports all main cryptocurrencies. This platform is frequently used by Bitcoin investors to buy and keep their cryptocurrency there.

Coinbase is a platform with huge potential which is definitely a benefit. However, the initial investment to trade there is pretty high. Thus, the services of this platform are not available to everybody.


This is one more big platform that takes top places in all the ratings. However, this is not an actual crypto trading platform. It trades derivatives. It means that you cannot buy and sell Bitcoins on BitMEX. Instead, you can buy and sell contracts, also for crypto. Margin trading is also available.

However, due to this specific feature, BitMEX is more suitable for those who have been in trading for a while. For beginners, it might be complicated.


This Singapore based exchange. It is one of the safest platforms. It is regulated by plenty of watchdogs to ensure a top trading environment for its clients.

It is easy to start with Bityard even if you are a newbie in the field. The first deposit is just 5 USD. With this minimum sum, you can start trading.

Bityard offers one more small benefit. There is a constant mining activity on the platform. Thus, users can participate in it and earn small sums of money. It is not enough to get rich but might be sufficient.


When mentioning crypto trading platforms, we cannot leave Binance without attention. On this platform, you can trade more than 200 cryptocurrencies. This is one of the biggest exchanges in the world.

This platform took all the possible measures to provide a top comfort level to all traders. There are even two interfaces: one for newbies, and another one – for experienced players.

The platform is extremely friendly to beginners. If you are new to Binance, you can pay just 50% of fees during the first year of the platform use. Considering that all the fees are very loyal there, it can help you to save a lot.


As you can see, you have a big choice when choosing a platform for trading cryptocurrency. The main thing is to select one that supports the currencies that you know, provides high trading speed and success rate if we speak about automated trading. And of course, the minimum deposit and withdrawal time matter. Other than that, you can choose a platform where you feel comfortable.

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