Best emulators to play PUBG Mobile on PC in December 2021

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Best emulators to play PUBG Mobile on PC in December 2021 1

The sheer and immense popularity of PUBG mobile is more than enough to attract audiences. The game is the mobile version of Battle Royale’s PUBG PC which was finally released back in 2017. Being one of the highly played mobile games Pubg Mobile can now be played on both PC and Laptop thanks to emulator software. 


What is an Emulator?

The emulator is the name given to PC software by using which a user can run the android mobile application on windows or other operating systems. However in the case of PUBG here we will restrict ourselves only to the android application of PUBG Mobile which our emulator will be running on PC.

Running mobile apps on Windows or Macintosh operating systems is directly not possible. One needs a platform to act as a bridge. Here emulator software acts as a bridge and fills in the technical limitation between them. 

How to set up a PC Emulator for PUBG Mobile?

One need not be a technical junkie to download and run a PC emulator. All it requires is certain basic OS requirements and an internet connection. Similar to installing any other video game, guidelines for installing an emulator are pretty much straightforward. It begins with:

· Download an emulator of your choice or based on ranking we provide and install it like any other computer program.

· Running the program will launch an interface similar to what we see on Android Mobile.

· Open Play Store and log in with your Google credentials. 

· Find your game on Google Play Store and wait for it to install.

· And you are good to go.

Best Emulators that will do the job perfectly well

Below are some of the best emulators which will allow you to play pubg mobile on pc,


Previously famous as TencentBuddy now comes with an updated name as Gameloop, It’s the official emulator especially created by PUBG developers to run PUBG Mobile on PC. The emulator comes well equipped to handle both basic and advanced tasks of the emulator.

After installing both emulator and game by Tencent mobile, the player is supposed to log in via any of sources like Google, Facebook, or Play Store id. Upon which user is given complete access to download every resource which is available for PUBG Mobile.


The number second in our list shares a long history of the undefeated king in the emulator community. All this has made BLUESTACKS even more advanced and bug-free with every new security patch and update. One thing which separates it from a normal emulator is with the little aid from Graphics Card and DirectX it’s capable enough to run high-end mobile games too.


It needs to be kept in mind that not every user belongs to a high-end gaming community. Hence it creates a software barrier and as result, it refrains a high percentage of the target audience to reap out full benefit of available technology. MEMU Player is an emulator specially designed for the low-end specification target audience with a basic 4GB RAM, ROM PC a user can easily run MEMU player without noticing any lag. 

Another peculiar feature of MEMU Player is it has dedicated features like key binding and mapping which will in no time optimize the PUBG Mobile for your PC.


Worried about dropped frame rates or are constantly noticing lags. Worry not, it might be an indication of a high-end emulator trying to run on low specs PC. NOX Player is the one-stop solution for every problem. Strictly designed as per the limitation of in-budget laptops, NOX Player is known for delivering a required FPS rate over time, which not only aids in the rendering of mobile application but also maintain the computer’s idle temperature and provides a smooth gaming experience. 


The biggest aid offered by the emulator is that of removing the mechanical barrier. Before the launch of the emulator, the users were confined within the same community. For example, the mobile gaming community can only do match-making in between those owning smartphones. The same holds for PC too. With gaming software like emulators and consoles, even PC owners can now do match-making with the smartphone community.

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