The Best Gadgets Coming in 2017

The Best Gadgets Coming in 2017 dfgfdgfd

Gadgets are aplenty in this world and it is only going to increase in the subsequent years. However, the exploding world of gadgets have problematized the scenario even more because the issue of selection and choice bothers everyone. You can never select the best gadget anymore because each month, something spectacular is coming up or some company is providing some fantastic gadget at a cheaper price. So, if you are to select a gadget worth having, you should do prior groundwork. Here are some of the most important gadgets coming out in 2017-

The brand new iPhone 8

The iPhone has completed a decade of excellence and unparalleled performance and Apple is taking this opportunity to introduce the new iPhone 8 which is going to be revolutionary even by iPhone standards. The new model is going to change the LCD display into the new technology called OLED. Hence, the classic display is going to change completely and it will continue to the edges of the gadget which makes it look even sleeker and it will also make the device even lighter.

The Samsung revolution

Samsung is another company which has been competing with Apple for some time now and they took this opportunity to throw challenge to the technological giant by introducing Galaxy S8. While Apple promises to better the OLED technology introduced disastrously by Samsung, Samsung is promising a better product than iPhone 8 itself. While the S7 was not exactly a runaway success, the S8 is a result of rigorous innovation from the Samsung labs. Not only does it contain a personal assistant but also a 4K display which will redefine high resolution.The Best Gadgets Coming in 2017

The folded phone

Another innovation from Samsung is a foldable smartphone which is surely a unique idea altogether since it can be converted into tab and phone vice versa. Many companies have tried hard to make sure such a device hits the market, but it looks like Samsung will win the race.

Android Smart watches arrive

Apple had already opened the market for smart watches and now, Android has understood the waters are perfect to set sail. Android Wear 2.0 is going to bring new watches in the market that will allow them to connect with Android phones and then use them. These watches may well be platform independent so even if you are an Apple user, you could use them for a change. In short, if you have some kind of connection, your watch will work.


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