Best Investing Apps to Guide You to Financial Independence in INDIA

Best Investing Apps to Guide You to Financial Independence in INDIA 1

With the success of Mutual fund Sahi hai Campaign and many awareness programs, a lot of new investors are choosing mutual funds as a tool for wealth creation. But there are over 4500 mutual fund schemes and their variants in India. Many aren’t suited to you by design or simply aren’t performing well enough. It’s a challenge for new investors to get the right information about mutual funds. Many mutual fund advisory companies have launched their mobile applications to help new and existing customers in their mutual funds journey. These applications have made investing in mutual funds even more easy and hassle free.  

Here are the Top 5 Mutual Funds Apps in India for you to help you have a fruitful Mutual fund Journey.


RankMF promises to answer the most popular question today “Kaunsa Mutual Fund Sahi hai?” Instead of judging by the past performance to rate mutual funds, RankMF uses a variety of factors by using over 20 million data points including market valuations and multiples, portfolio holdings and diversification/concentration of portfolio, the cash ratio of a fund, the predicted yields, etc. RankMF analyses the most important factor which focuses on the quality of actual portfolio holdings by delivering real returns to investors and not historical returns which are used by existing rating platforms. RankMF is built on a simple principle, investments in great companies at fair or great prices delivers great returns and investments in poor companies and/or at poor prices delivers poor returns. This is true for both equity and debt instruments of companies. RankMF research methodology is completely unbiased, objective and has no human intervention. RankMF’s mission is to objectively and scientifically evaluate every mutual fund and help investors select the best mutual funds out there! Rank MF’s SmartSIP helps you Invest your Monthly SIP amount in equity mutual funds units when the markets are fairly valued and doubles your monthly SIP Amount when markets are much undervalued. SmartSIP skips your investment in equity scheme units and parks the sip amount in liquid schemes which is later used to buy equity mf units when markets become inexpensive.

ET Money

One highest rated financial app in India, get instant tax saving proof ofIndia’s only app that helps you save tax up to ₹78,000 under 80C, 80D and 80CCD(1B). Biggest Tax Saving of ₹78,000/-, personalized for you, exclusively on ETMONEY’s Tax Maximizer. On the App nter basic details like- Salary Range, Age, Family Details & get a tailor made plan to maximize your tax savings. Also get Instant Proof for all Investments. With the help of this App you can also track & manage your expenses effortlessly. Invest in top Mutual Funds for free. Automate your investment with Smart Solutions. Track and manage external mutual fund investment. Avail instant personal & business loans of up to 30 lacs. You can also track your spends automatically categorized into categories like dining, travel & shopping. View all your bills like utility & credit card bills in one place so that you never miss a bill payment again on ET money app. Mutual Fund Portfolio tracking & Health Report is available on ET money app. One investment dashboard to track all your external mutual fund investments also track annualized returns of your mutual fund investment portfolio. Get FREE Portfolio Analyses on your investments


Orowealth is Zero commission Direct Mutual Fund platform who offers comprehensive financial advisory services, portfolio management, dedicated customer support and personal advisory and many other services. Invest in mutual funds through this wealth management app at ZERO commission. Their Portfolio Health Check tool helps you track all your Mutual Funds’ portfolios on the app. Get top mutual fund picks based on your investment time horizon and risk appetite. Create flexible goals with constant rebalancing with this mutual fund app. You can manage your entire family wealth on this single app, add unlimited family member accounts without creating multiple logins. Compare multiple mutual funds online via the app, and buy commission-free investment plans for multiple members. Orowealth SIP Planner App requires just a few taps on your mobile to start an investment account. You also get unlimited access to portfolio health recommendations & Top Picks. Orowealth experts provide you with an objective analysis of over 4000 mutual funds schemes & make customized recommendations. Users Get real-time performance of mutual fund investments and their detailed reviews to understand your mutual funds better.


myCAMS brings digital convenience to manage your Mutual Fund investments. Enjoy one view of your portfolio across 16 Mutual Funds in multiple dimensions, transact to purchase, redeem or switch, open new folio, subscribe to NFO, start SIP in just 7 days with digiSIP.  They offer other features such as scheduled future transactions, redemption guide to select the most economical fund to redeem, myFavourites, Voice order and more. myCAMS is your single gateway to multiple Mutual Funds which includes Aditya Birla Sunlife MF, DSP MF, HDFC MF, HSBC MF, ICICI Prudential MF, IDFC MF, IIFL MF, Kotak MF, L & T MF, Mahindra MF, PPFAS, SBI MF, Sriram MF, Tata MF, Union MF, YES MF. They won the best use of Digital Platform for Mutual Funds at Drivers of Digital Awards 2017. You get access to your investments across multiple Mutual Funds through a Single Gateway; No more managing multiple PINs, Folios numbers, login ids. The app has two factor authentications for enhanced security. You can monitor your investment by Just adding the schemes you want to track to ‘myWatchList’ and view their performance on the go. There is a Chabot on myCAMS. Just chat to request mutual fund services, check status of transactions and order statements.

Coin by Zerodha

Zerodha Coin is India’s largest direct mutual fund platform that lets you buy direct mutual funds online with no commission passback, directly from asset management companies. Your mutual funds, stocks, currencies, bonds, and more, all in your Demat account.Create, pause, and modify your SIPs anytime you want, instantly and hassle-free on the Coin app. You can search and discover funds with easy to navigate themes, fund categories and scheme details. Get detailed information on the weights of underlying securities and sector-wise data. It also features short videos featuring fund managers explaining their fund management philosophy to help your fund selection process. You can fund your purchase orders instantly through UPI payments and can also create automated fund transfers through eMandates to fund your SIP installments.You can view curated schemes in different categories to help you get started.


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