The best mobile VPNs for the enterprise and how to evaluate them

The best mobile VPNs for the enterprise and how to evaluate them

The popularity for VPN’s is ever growing and in the past years the growth has been exponential. But how reliable are those VPN’s you use? Most of the VPN vendors, market their products heavily and the truth is not all of them are secure. There has been reports on some VPN services that they did not provide any sort of IPSec or TLS which were a part of the subscription plan. So which VPN service is best for your enterprise and how to evaluate them?

How does a VPN work?

Generally, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to hide a person’s identity. When you browse some data, you hop through many servers and finally land on that web server you intended to land on. When your data packets hop around the servers the data is not secure. Though some websites provide HTTPS security protocols, your identity is still open. Using a VPN, you can create a tunnel from your PC, laptop or smartphone to the server you wanted to visit without revealing your identity. Some VPN’s also encrypt the browsing data for you but some just offer IPSec. But which VPN vendor to trust?The best mobile VPNs for the enterprise and how to evaluate them

What is the difference between mobile VPN and traditional VPN? What should you choose?

Tradtional VPN needs a standalone connection from your network to your company’s network. That means, if you go outside the specified network range the VPN connection is broken. Mobile VPN connections solve that problem by giving you access to the destination server where ever you go. If you have customers from different locations better use mobile VPN.

How does VPN offer security?

Basically, your VPN provider has servers all-round the globe and when you access any website or any other server in your company headquarters which is miles away, you first connect to your VPN providers server. That server requests data from your desired server and that data is in turn transmitted through the tunnel and displayed on your device’s screen.

The VPN providers server can mask your IP address and the data you asked for in different layers of security layers. This totally depends on the plan you choose from the provider. You can just wish to hide your IP, just the data or both.

Which are some of the best VPN service providers right now for enterprises?

Enterprise grade VPN service providers should be trustworthy, since the users connect to company’s server from different geo-locations. Not all the Wi-Fi networks are secure. Public or open Wi-Fi networks are notoriously dangerous since any number of hackers can be sniffing the network traffic at that particular time. If you access any sensitive information from your company server, the data will be visible to those sniffers.

Some of the leading Enterprise Grade VPN providers are Cisco VPN Solutions, OpenVPN, IBM, Columbiatech, Radio IP.

What are features you should look into while buying a VPN service for your Enterprise?

  1. Can it handle multiple user request? If it can, how many user requests it can handle?
  2. It is the major concern for many companies today. If your VPN provider is not giving you granular configuration automaton or GCA, you can forget about it.
  3. If you need to scale the plan, how hard is it? If your VPN provider is cloud based service then scalability is not an issue.
  4. The brand name is important. You cannot trust any VPN provider with your sensitive information.
  5. How do they handle threats? Do the VPN service provide threat management consoles or reports?
  6. Check for the software and device compatibility. There might be some VPN which are exclusive for windows users. But all your employees or clients may not use the same OS. Choose which suits your needs.

Most of the Enterprise Grade VPN services come as a part of IT solutions suite. But there are standalone services too. OpenVPN is the most trusted free VPN service. But if you go with the advertisement version of any VPN service you need to double check for the VPN’s track record. Rumour has it, advertisement versions are known to sell your history or your browsing history to make extra money.

What are some of the best free VPN services available?


SurfEasy was featured in The Verge magazine once. They reviewed it very highly and the features are also very impressive. They promise bank grade encryption with absolutely zero tracking of log data. They have 500 ultra-fast servers in 28 countries which provides reliable tunnelling 99.9% of the time with superfast access. The premium subscriptions starting at just $3.99/month.


The advantage in TunnelBear is speed. The servers are extremely fast and you can connect seamlessly to any server across the globe. They have apps for every device, which makes users life much simpler. User can tunnel in more than 20 countries with 5 simultaneous connections. This is a pretty good deal for something free of cost.


HideMe has different plans including premium. It guarantees zero logging of the users browsing history and there are over 5 million active users. Although you can never trust any VPN service completely you can trust the people using it. It also has apps for Ios and Android. The premium plan starts at $9.99/month

What are some of the best paid MVPN (mobile VPN) services?

Express VPN:

If you are looking for a free VPN service your best bet will be on Express VPN. They have multi user interface platforms. They have 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, which is really a great feature for free VPN service. Also, there is no download cap. They have windows, Android, IOS, Linux platforms

Cisco VPN Solutions:

Cisco has variety of VPN services. You can choose which ever fits your company needs best. DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint VPN), GETVPN (Group Encrypted Transport VPN), FlexVPN (IPSec based remote access encryption solution for origin authentication and key exchange), SSLVPN (Secure Socket Layer VPN, uses TLS to protect data communication). Cisco can handle any number of user requests, owing to its computing capabilities and strong network infrastructure.

Dell SonicWALL VPN Solutions:

This is a strong option if your firm has less than 500 employees. This VPN provides mobile and remote access, including the SRA appliances and E-Class SRA appliances. This can also be used as protection from rouge device access, malware, and bring your own device (BYOD).

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