World Wide Top News Apps for Android & iPhone Users

World Wide Top News Apps for Android & iPhone Users 1

News is referred to as the transmission of information in the form of current events both national and international over Radio, Television, Print Media, or the Internet. But since the inception of smartphones, people prefer to do everything on their phones now. Since, there’s always so much happening nowadays, latest technology news has become an impulsive slice of our lives now and with the continuous advancement of technology, it is now ever more slightly reachable than ever before in the form of mobile apps.

We’ve assembled a list of what we believe is among the best news apps for Android and iOS, right now.


Ever since its foundation in 1922, BBC has been regarded as one of the most trusted names in a news broadcast. Based on the UK, it is one of the first news apps to hit app stores. The app features an instinctual user interface with its iconic crimson red theme. The BBC has one of the most extensive global networks of journalists and niche experts. Their application also offers world service radio which you can stream live. The app offers the latest top stories, breaking news, latest technology news, entertainment, science, tech, and event space exploration from around the world.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a Qatari state-run news network. Their app offers news in both English and Arabic, which is categorized by news from each continent. The app lets you bookmark individual articles and programs, follow topics, and even stream Al Jazeera’s TV channel, live on your phone without any fee. The app lets you personalize your news feed with subjects of your interest via its newsfeed feature.

DW News

Deutsche Welle is a German-based news broadcaster that commits to providing depth to reported news, made for minds being its catchphrase. The DW News app allows you to access audio and video content from DW’s extensive archive. It lets you stream live TV programming in English, Arabic, Spanish, and German. A built-in offline mode lets you read your favorite stories even when you’re out of coverage and there is even a text mode for ease of access if you’re internet isn’t all that snappy.

Google News

Google News is a third-party news collection app that suggests topics and articles based on your location. The offers a highly customizable and continuous flow of news from thousands of magazines and publishers, from some of the most credible sources. Their newsstand feature allows you to browse and discover news from individual publishers even from another country.


The crown jewel of this list is Medium, an “ad-free” digital publisher that takes a different route. You won’t find any noisy news feeds or off-putting breaking news here. With a clean, straightforward user interface and a convenient night mode, the app offers you to choose your topics of interest and will only show you articles based off of those. Medium is all about ideas, perspectives, and the reading experience. It even lets you write your own stories and has a premium subscription too.


Reuters is a big global news agency with over 2000 reporters, reporting from 180 countries. The agency has earned repute with its Trust Principal that news is reported without any bias. Reuters has partnered with Facebook to fact check and identify fake news. The big news agency offers news apps to Android and iOS users. The app is featured with providing personalized news stream based on the favorites, choice, and location of the users. Uses of the Reuters news app can get the latest news through the app round-the-clock, and can also save the news to read offline.

Associated Press

Associated Press is a big name among the global news organizations. With its headquarters in the United States and its global reach with over 263 news bureaus in 106 countries the news agency has become a major source of information for newspapers and individual readers, reported from over 250 locations. AP News is among the top news apps developed by big news organizations and is available to Android and iOS phone users. The app provides location-based news to its users with personalized content available in some of the major languages of the world that includes English, Spanish, and Arabic. With over 173 years of legacy, Associated Press is a trusted name that provides news fast, accurate, and unbiased. Readers can easily get the latest information about business, politics, stocks, and technology through their mobile phones. The mobile app has a beautiful interface with segmentation like top stories, reports, and analysis.

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