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Successful product launches can bring in large numbers of customers and profit. You have come up with a brilliant idea for a product and a plan to make money off of it. The only thing that remains left is to figure out how you are going to portray your product. Using an app or a website?

If your product is related to navigational software then there is no reason to invest a lot on a website. It is best to start right off the bat with an app and promotional activities to make people drawn to the app. If your product or service needs to have more traffic and is something that provides the customers with information then a website will be best..

There are still a few things  that need to be considered before you make your selection. In this article, we are going to provide you the information you will need to choose between an app or a website for your cause.

Do some background research

It is important to know who you are trying to reach. So try to gather as much information you can on the following-

Customers and Competitors

Take the time to do some market research. Interview your customer or analyze previous industry reports. This will provide you with valuable information about  your customers and what they prefer. Analyze your competitors to see whether they chose an app or a website? and why?

Your Budget

Both apps and websites can be expensive. Apps are a bit more expensive. Then there’s the ongoing cost. It can cost you a lot to develop both  but you can always outsource for a good deal.

For websites, there are plenty of amazing web developers like Neon Rain Interactive to help you out.

Difference between using a Website and an App

 Websites and apps both are amazing platforms. However, there are some significant differences between the two.

Cost of operating

We have already mentioned that apps are more expensive than websites. The price range of creating apps and further developing them can be anywhere around $30,000-$170,000. This cost is also for one platform, meaning for either IOS or Android. As for websites, it can be around $10,000-$150,000.

Users interface

The user interface plays an important role in grabbing your customers’ attention. A web user interface can be  easily changed compared to an app.

Audience reach

Websites can be used on any device. You do  not need to create separate websites for separate platforms. Also with a little bit of SEO, you can generate much more traffic on your website. Hence, reaching  out to more audience

As for apps, you need to build them separately for IOS and Android.

Customer stickiness

Apps can help stick your customers to your product as they will be staying on their devices and will even work offline. Because  apps are portable and made for on the go soTh are likely to keep the customers engaged.

Websites can  keep customers engaged too, but it also depends on what kind of product you are offering.

Targeted audience

Apps can target a larger number of audience. If your product serves a general-purpose for a mass audience you can target them by using an app. Websites, work well if you are targeting a particular niche or r group of audience .

Now that we have broken down the differences between these two let’s look into the overall factors

When should you use an app?

If your product or service is something that requires phone features like camera, gyroscope, sensors, and GPS location then there is no doubt    an app  will be best for the product launch. If notifications are necessary for engagement then an app can help you reach your audience faster and engage them. Apps can be best utilized if you have frequent audience engagement.

But do remember that  making  and developing apps can cost you a lot more than building websites. Both websites and apps have a lot of front-end, back-end work but it is easier to change the overlay and interface of websites. Another difficult task is drawing your customers to your app. You will have to give them a solid reason  why they should download your app.

 Speaking of downloading the apps you will  have to take permission to upload your app in google or apples respective stores so your audience can download it. That’s why, if you intend to launch through an app you need to clear your distribution before the launch.

When should you use a website?

If your product or service does not require the above-mentioned features needed for apps, instead is more focused on providing information you should go for the website.. Suppose you provide a service like catering, in that case you do not have much need for an app.

If you do not have a solid reason for your customers to download and use your app then it’s better to use a responsive website. In case you are   selling a product then keep an eye on its demands in the market.. If it is  sold only a couple of times in a week then its better to use the website. That way it will be more cost effective.

In case your product is sold frequently. For instance if users visit your site daily to shop, browse through, access a list of favorites or recently saved shopping carts and checkout quickly then an app would  serve both you and the customers’ purpose better

Should You use both?

For just the launch it is not a good idea to start off with both a website and an app. Then aside from the initial development costs, you will also have maintenance and regulating costs for both. You will also have to focus on the feedback of both platforms.

All of these can get overwhelming. So it is best to stick to one that will meet all your and your customer’s preferences. Once you have penetrated the market you can think about whether you want to opt for both.

Final Thoughts

The initial stage of any product is crucial, that is why launching it through the right medium is so important. Both websites and apps have their pros and cons. Take all the above information into consideration and do your own background research. Choose the platform on which you can utilize your resources. One that perfectly suits your products and reaches your audience.

Written by Srikanth

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