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This year technology innovation has been a strange year with many ups and downs in the various fields from politics to economy, from culture to sports. Some have come out as winners, some have lost the plot and some have remained where they were.

However, in the field of technology, all you can see is a clear graph of progress pointing upwards with the series of innovations that have been encountered by some of the best scientists around the world. It is of utmost importance that technology should prosper since only through progress of technology can one truly benefit from it.

Technology, however, has many connotations in the modern world. For example, as much as genetics is part of the technology, or immunology for that matter, something as classical as electronics engineering is also part of the technology.

So, almost everything is circumscribed by technology and hence, when one thinks about technological innovations, one cannot think it as something exclusive. So, the innovations discussed below are from the most unusual and unthinkable backgrounds to say the least.

The first breakthrough discovery in this regard was in the field of immunology, or more precisely immune engineering. Some scientists have devised a way to develop genetically engineered cells that will develop immunity and fight diseases such as cancer.

A truly remarkable beginning to what possibly may lead to the eradication of cancer, this surely a moment to remember. Genetics was not far behind either and came up with a fascinating discovery of editing gene patterns in case of plants. The accuracy of such editing has set a new standard in plant disease research.


In the field of communication, a new mode of speech technology came into being where the interface itself is conversational. That means, even touchscreen seems unnecessary since all you need to do is tell your phone what to do. China has been at the forefront of this discovery and this surely will revolutionize the idea of communication.

A unique development came into being in aerospace engineering where reusable rockets are now ready to be launched. So, you can now use the same rocket for various voyages which will save humongous amount of money.

Robotics has the latest invention to offer- a classroom of robots. A robot teacher can teach robot students about the world of robots and thus begins the sharing of knowledge among artificial intelligences themselves.

Another very interesting discovery that arrived was surely the DNA store where you get every bit of information about your gene and its vulnerabilities. So, you are now way better prepared to fight the diseases and the hereditary health risks that accompany you at times through this information centre.

The most remarkable discovery of the year is surely the autopilot car coming from the company that is surely breaking the glass ceilings, Tesla.

The company has been putting forth some of the most mind boggling inventions and the latest has been possible through some astonishing software update of its previous version. Another step towards the future is the powering of devices through air.

Now, your wiFi can be used anywhere with a bit of air even without the power source since such devices utilize very little power. The last, but not the least important discovery should be the solar panels installed in Buffalo that promises to produce insane energy.


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