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Among all the available social media platforms, LinkedIn stands different as it is a bit more than just a sharing platform. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for promoting your business online. You can easily reach your target users by means if LinkedIn. All you need to know is the best time to post on these social networking sites in order to get maximum business exposure.You can also work with a LinkedIn Ghostwriting Agency to know what to post.


So, let’s dive into the details.


Whenever we hear about the word Social Media, one thing that comes to our mind is Facebook. As LinkedIn is also one of the leading social media platforms, you may think that similar strategies can be followed for both Facebook and LinkedIn. But in reality, they are completely different in respective aspects.

Facebook vs LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a bit more professional when compared to Facebook. As it is mostly used by the professionals and employees, you may not find active users hanging around and scrolling the feed at impossible hours as people do on Facebook and Instagram. So, the timings which are ideal for posting on Facebook may not be suitable for LinkedIn. So, what are the best timings to post on LinkedIn…?

Best time to post on LinkedIn:

The best time to post on LinkedIn depends on a number of miscellaneous factors. Some of them are:

  • The Industry
  • The type of content shared
  • Your investment in LinkedIn advertising
  • Your target audience

Apart from the above factors, it also depends on whether you are posting the advertisement form your own LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn company page and how many followers each has.

As we’ve discussed earlier, unlike Facebook, you wouldn’t find people chilling out late at nights and early in the mornings. So, most probably, you are gonna find most of your users online between 9 AM and 5 PM as these are the usual office hours for most of the places. But the place where your users belong is also an important factor. Suppose, majority of the users are from New York and LA. New York follows Pacific Standard Timing and LA follows East Coast Standard time. So, you need to be crystal clear about the users you are going to target as you cannot reach the users in LA following PST. Once you’ve figured out where your target connections are, then you know when to post.

So, based on the above analysis you may think that only 9 to 5 are the ideal timings to post on LinkedIn. But considering the large time interval between 9 to 5, let’s just narrow it down a bit.

9 AM to 10 AM:

In order to make a long-lasting impression on your users through your advertisements, it is always ideal to post in the early hours like 9 AM to 10 AM. This is the time most of the employees or users log in to their respective LinkedIn account and your post becomes one of the first things they see as soon as they log in.

The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2021 | LinkedIn

So, your first post will be between 9 AM and 10 AM. What about the remaining…? In order to find out the best timings you can use the test posting technique.

Test Posting:

To find out active user hours, post a few test posts in different hours between 10 AM and 5 PM. After posting the test posts, keep track of the activities of users on each test post and from the analysis, you may come to a conclusion about the active user hours.

12 PM to 2 PM:

As 12 PM to 2 PM comes under lunch hours, it is pretty obvious that posting on these timings is not ideal.

The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn in 2021

Best day to post on LinkedIn:

According to the trade analytics, the weekends Saturday and Sunday are not at all preferable to post on LinkedIn and during the weekdays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the most ideal days to post on LinkedIn. This is because most of the professionals take their weekends off from work which results in poor traffic on LinkedIn. And about Monday and Friday, these are the first and last working days of the week during which the professionals may not have much interest in working.

You’re able to infer whenever your articles will get the maximum engagement dependent on the behaviour of competitors in the business, in addition to audience members.

Software and Media Businesses: It is suspected that crowds of media firms tend to look at their societal networking feeds in the early hours, such as some might read a paper. They are very likely to find success submitting in the daytime between Monday-Friday, whilst software businesses are proposed to come across similar success posting out work.

Healthcare and Higher Education: Mid-morning, therefore roughly 10 AM, to ancient day, near two p.m., is indicated for the very best engagement. Higher education seems to follow suit.

B2B Firms: For B2Bs, assessing net behaviour is the best indicator. Their viewers are probably different specialists, so it is ideal for catching them before they begin functioning, through lunch hours, and even throughout commutes.

B2C Firms: Likewise to B2Bs, those organizations will probably find success among viewers when posting out business hours, or even during lunch breakdown.

Should you place content to LinkedIn as soon as the vast majority of your viewers is not online, you probably won’t get the number of opinions and involvement you’re awaiting.

So be aware of if you would like to construct a new on LinkedIn, it is vital to learn if your particular audience favours to browse the website. You will get a clearer idea of the way to pinpoint the time of your articles nearly every time that you would like to upgrade your followers onto the stage.


So, what are you waiting for? Boost your business online through LinkedIn by following these preferred timings.

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