Most Effective Methods to Improve Google Ads Performance in 2021

By Sony T
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Most Effective Methods to Improve Google Ads Performance in 2021 1

Competition in the eCommerce sector is getting harsher and harsher. With the online tools and possibilities that we have available today, it is possible to build an online business with a decent website in less than a day. And it will not cost you as much as it would have years ago.


More to it, after the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of new online businesses have been created, or the physical ones decided to transfer their physical shops to the online world in order to survive. Therefore, the market of eCommerce is becoming more and more crowded, and you have to put in a lot of effort into advertising – and having a Google Ads account is not even discussable.

But having a Google Ads account with a functioning campaign is not enough. You need to have a proper strategy, always experiment, and consult with specialists in this field in order to outshine your competition. To help you improve Google Ads performance, today, we are going to share some insightful methods that can help you do that.

Method #1: Perform a Google Ads Audit

Most Effective Methods to Improve Google Ads Performance in 2021 2

Before you start improving the performance of your Google Ads, it is clever to perform a Google Ads audit before you change anything. This audit will help you realize which parts of your advertising campaigns are performing well and need no fixing and which ones are underperforming drastically and only losing money.

To perform a Google Ads audit, you can try out a free tool from Clever Ads – this way, you will be able to understand deep analytic facts about your advertising campaigns and do it for free. Therefore when you decide which parts of your advertising campaigns need improvement, you can invest your money into improving it.

Method #2: Position Your Ads Right

Most Effective Methods to Improve Google Ads Performance in 2021 3

Even if your ad was written well and has real potential to attract new customers and drive new traffic to your online store, if it is not placed in the location it is supposed to be; it will not be effective at all. More to it, if you have chosen the pay-per-click method, then because of this mistake, you could even lose a lot of money.

Statistics show that if your ad is placed at the bottom of a search page, even if it is the first page, it barely generates any clicks. Obviously, to generate the highest number of clicks, you need to reach the top of the Google Search page. So when you construct your new ad, always think about this goal and strive for nothing else.

Method #3: Use Google Display Network

Google Display Network is the factor that is capable of creating enormous numbers of impressions every single month. And the campaigns that are created with this tool are capable of reaching a huge percent of all internet users worldwide. What Google Display Network does is it places visually engaging advertisements in such a way that it reaches incredibly huge target audiences.

Method #4: Use Ad Extensions Properly

If you want to start creating super effective and very well performing ads instead of those that are just okay and do not bring you to a negative profit, then you need to start using ad extensions and do it properly.

Ad extensions let you add additional valuable information pieces to an ad that you have already created. The most often used extensions are phone numbers, reviews, and links to your website.

Method #5: Make Sure Your Ads and Landing Pages Are Synced

Most Effective Methods to Improve Google Ads Performance in 2021 4

One of the most important things you need to know about content marketing strategy and increasing website traffic by using Google Ads is that your ad content and the content on your landing page needs to be synced. Which means that it has to speak about the same thing. And if it does not, then you may even lose a bunch of advertising budget, especially if you are using the pay-per-click strategy.

PPC can help you save a lot of money on your advertising campaigns, but only if you do it right. For example, if your ad states one thing – that there is a sale on your website for all items that are in stock. And if a person will click on that ad and see that there is no sale, he will leave immediately.

Make very specific advertisement groups

Every promotion bunch inside your mission should zero in on a solitary item or administration so your advertisements show up more pertinent to clients. Your treat adoring client is bound to click an advertisement about treats than a nonexclusive promotion about food. Importance will in general prompt greater advertisements, and being explicit is one approach to turn out to be more pertinent.

Pick your keywords carefully 

Incorporate explicit catchphrases that straightforwardly identify with the particular subject of your promotion gathering and greeting page. It’s regularly more viable to utilize watchwords that are a few words in length rather than simply single words. 

Include keywords for your promotion text 

Add your keywords for your advertisement text (particularly in your promotion’s feature) to show individuals that your advertisement is straightforwardly pertinent to their pursuit. At the point when individuals see their inquiry terms in your advertisement text, it shows them that your promotion is most likely pertinent to what exactly they’re looking for. 

Make basic, enticing promotions 

What makes your item or administration stand apart from the opposition? Feature these significant contrasts in your promotion. Do you offer free delivery? Do you have certain things marked down? Make certain to depict any novel highlights or advancements that you offer. 

Use a valuable call-to-action 

Your advertisement text ought to have a solid source of inspiration. A source of inspiration urges clients to tap on your advertisement and encourages them to comprehend what they can do once they arrive at your presentation page. Here is some example motivate words: Buy, Sell, Order, Browse, Find, Sign up, Try, Get a Quote. 

Test Google’s multiple promotions 

Test with various offers and sources of inspiration expressions to perceive what’s best for your publicizing objectives. Google framework naturally turns advertisements inside a promotion gathering and shows the better-performing advertisement all the more regularly. After some time, you may see that specific promotion will perform in a way that is better than others, showing you which advertisement text is more compelling. 

Consistently audit your campaign performance 

Test and change your missions to get the outcomes you need. Survey your promotion execution to assist figure with excursion the most ideal approaches to accomplish your objectives. As you watch your advertisements after some time, you may see changes to your clickthrough rate or transformation rate. For instance, in the event that you find that clients aren’t reacting to a specific source of inspiration in your advertisement text, eliminate that promotion and have a go at something different. It’s tied in with testing!

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