Windows 10 PC speed up boost guide

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Windows 10 is a fantastic OS on its own, but there is always room for improvement.

The best thing about Windows is that it has a self-sufficient way of doing things and it allows users a good deal of scope to improve the OS on their own. While this may seem a headache for the users, it is hardly so since it is precisely why it is an OS desired by so many users. Cleaning up your PC is in your hand and it is Windows that allows you to do that at ease. Of course, great cleanup tools helps, but why take the help of a tool when you can do things yourself?

Unnecessary programs and malwares

Programs often eat up a lot of RAM in your computer and slow your PC down drastically. So, what you should do is to remove these unnecessary programs by opening the task manager and checking if there are redundant programs running in your PC. If a program is eating up a lot of memory and it provides hardly any advantage in terms of usage, then you can easily stop that program and increase throughput. If you are using an antivirus, then it is highly advised to use something that doesn’t block programs unnecessarily and can detect proper malwares. Run full scans from time to time when you don’t need your PC and your PC will remain clean.

Clutter-free hard drive and less start-up programs

Hard drive is surely one of the aspects of your PC that can eat up a lot of RAM is not taken care of. First of all, you should keep at least ten percent of the hard drive memory free and try to limit the number of files. If you have too many files in a hard drive, it takes more time to process and in turn, slows the computer down drastically. So, make sure you do not create too many directories and file systems and make efficient storage system. Another issue that bugs the PC is too many programs open when the computer is about to start. You can easily stop programs from being launched at start-up so that you need not worry about your PC freezing for no reason.

More virtual memory and less visual effects

A brilliant way to make your computer process faster is to install a virtual machine and use more virtual memory. Of course, this is something you need to learn to set up unless you are a computer science student so better learn it from someone. However, a more simple solution does exist to curb memory consumption. If you do not have any graphics card installed, then it is highly advised to lessen all the special visual effects that plague your computer since the graphics uses a part of the RAM for processing.

Better hardware and a trusted PC cleaner

It is essential to use great hardware to ensure great performance. Hence, buy a great quality external hard disk instead of jamming up your existing hard disk capacity and try to ensure that the integration is smooth. On the other hand, since cleaning the files may well be time-consuming, you can simply download from the internet trusted and highly rated PC cleaning software that can be allowed to keep your PC absolutely clean. However, be careful while downloading since PC cleaners can often contain strange malware and hence, always download from trusted sources. There are plenty of free versions from some renowned enterprises. Temporary files and dead links will be removed immediately with all the unnecessary logs that your computer keeps.


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