Bharti Airtel Expands Enterprise Cloud Portfolio with Cutting-Edge Offerings

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Bharti Airtel Expands Enterprise Cloud Portfolio with Cutting-Edge Offerings

Bharti Airtel is strengthening its cloud services with Airtel Cloud that features solutions like Edge Cloud, Sovereign Cloud and Public Cloud to boost business performance and innovation. Tailored for enterprises, the Bharti Airtel Business Vertical offers various services including secure connectivity, cloud solutions, data center services and IoT. These services underline the company’s commitment to supporting businesses of various sizes.


Airtel has 120+ edge data centers and has lately introduced a service to make websites and videos load faster. They are also joining forces with IBM to put 120 more data centers in 20 cities and help businesses work better as well as make customers happier.

As 5G services draw closer, Airtel is preparing to roll out its 5G Edge Service and offer customers a secure and extensive platform for hosting various infrastructure components.

In the Sovereign Cloud category, Airtel already offers Banking Cloud and has plans to introduce Government Cloud services, adhering to government data regulations, along with My Cloud, offering the flexibility to leverage the company’s network and emerging technologies. These additions will soon enrich Airtel’s Cloud Services portfolio.

Within the Public Cloud offerings segment, Airtel currently provides Hyper Scalers and has forthcoming plans to introduce the Vultr Platform, which is an independent cloud computing as well as storage solution. In addition, the company is in the process of launching the Marketplace, a one-stop solution for seamless cloud connectivity.

With these forthcoming services, which include Airtel 5G Edge, Government Cloud, My Cloud and Marketplace, Bharti Airtel is poised to reinforce its Cloud Service offerings for enterprises, reaffirming its commitment to catering to diverse digital needs.

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