BI and data management moving rapidly to the cloud

Cloud, BI- these are some of the most popular keywords that are doing rounds in the world of IT enterprises for some years now and they are becoming pervasive in other fields too. Such cases are reflected when you see as much as 50 percent jump over the cycle of three years in terms of cloud usage for BI solutions. In fact, once this year ends, a major chunk of organizations will invest in cloud for this purpose.

This, however, is not some simple prediction but a consensus reached by various market analysis companies who have run independent researches on cloud’s possibilities and penetration. With the dramatic development over the last few months, cloud is surely going to be one of the revolutionary forces in the IT enterprise market with each company lining up plans to create breakthrough moments in terms of cloud adoption.BI and data management moving rapidly to the cloud

What more does the report reveal?

The report shows that currently, from 29 percent companies involved in cloud, the figure has jumped to 43% as of now and more companies are joining the exodus. In fact, such movement towards cloud is also healthy for the data too as companies can locate their data easier and ensure a better strategy of access. While cloud is not yet fully secured, companies have realized that corporate data centres are isolated and hence, more easily targeted than cloud where sharing is adopted.

With the cumbersome processes of data marts, data warehousing and integration involved in data centers, running BI in cloud seems so much easier and feasible for more and more companies. In fact, since BI is after all a SaaS application, cloud provides IaaS and PaaS which are basically infrastructural and platform services. Companies however, should not move data to the cloud without the blink of an eye. Rather, addressing the political issues as well security issues that entail privacy concerns are necessary.

Why BI on Cloud and whose BI on cloud?

Of course, there are some specific reasons why cloud has suddenly become hot favourite. IT giants consider cloud as a flexible and cost effective platform that provides ample scalability for data. Also, many consider cloud to be a quicker and less complicated mode of implementation. Cloud drastically reduces hardware concerns for the data centre server and makes the whole process more agile, many believe.

However, there is another noticeable trend that must be spoken about. Small companies find cloud to be the best location for BI deployment than the big names or even the medium-sized ones. In fact, they use public clouds instead of hybrid or private clouds. While people consider the reason to be the ease of processing for cloud that involves no hassle of access and infrastructure, many consider it to be a move to jump into the forefront of competition.

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