Is big data 3.0 really here?

Big data is not simply getting data out of databases and sensors and other possible resources. Since this is new, many companies who work on data queries and integrations are at a loss how to manage this huge drive for data.

Surely, what has shaken up the companies is that they have realized that what is required is not an array of tools, but a completely new, holistic design. In fact, throwing tools randomly can hurt them really bad in the big data market as companies many lose interest and move away from them, resulting in loss of clients.

Most of these companies are oblivious regarding glaring questions like data security as they go on collecting data from sources. Many fail to realize that these are all private data and any infringement can be risky for millions of people. While some companies have thought of sending alerts when any data change occurs, an alert is a late response since the change cannot be averted. It is here analysts must think intuitively and make effective decisions.

Being innovative in small matters

Data security is no small matter, but a solution for such issues should be simple since such amount of data may well be infringed. There are plenty of ways to deal with it than alerts since big data will mean increased number of alerts and that will become difficult to track. However, some of these companies have excellent frameworks for data integration, which making it easier for the transition once the analysts take care of the concerns. These companies are trying to ensure that the datasets designed are addressable as well as scalable horizontally.

However, these companies are lagging behind in storage issues. They have not arrived at cloud and some of them are still clinging onto data warehousing with data silos in these places. Big data requires data lakes and most importantly, cloud to function. That will be a downer for most companies since everyone is moving to cloud. Nobody cares for the tools nowadays unless they are on cloud, they are designed for big data or they can do analytics. This is surely a whole new reality for most companies.

What to do when lagging behind?

When companies like this are trying to wade their ways out of deep water, the best solution is to restructure the company as soon as possible. You need new skills, new technology and new ideas. In short, you need a whole set of people who could help you achieve that. Ensure that your decision makers are updated or you will miss the big data bus after a point of time.

Press releases of innovation reach later. Business people’s word of mouth reaches faster. Hence it is them these companies must target. If a product hits the market and shakes it up with innovative aspects, then it will spread like wildfire among enterprises and it will be taken up immediately. So, targeting the concerned people with big data is more important than creating an unnecessary tool in today’s world.

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