Big Data Evolution Break into the Real Estate Industry

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Big Data Evolution Break into the Real Estate Industry 1

Each and all of the business industry is facing the real heat and revolution of the big data analysis. Absolutely big data rules the market’s growth prospects. Nowadays people are getting more inclined to the proven facts than mere words and trusts. So we need valid results before implementing any business.


Big data renders deep analysis and forecast which is done by curatively collecting and analyzing the complex real-world data sets. Let us have look at how big data technology will improve business profits and how it will potentially open up the market’s new gates. Hence is the primary point of discussion in this article. Here you will how the evolution of big data has its shocks and effects on the real estate industry.

It is to be noted that any technology that is rolled down into the world is to barely help people in that specific sector. Big data certainly does the same way. Big data solutions function by gathering and processing a huge pile of enormous real-world sample data and draw up a conclusion that will minimize the risk in business and amplify its potential growth.

Let us now discuss the five major factors in Big data that facilitate the breaking down growth in the real estate business.

  • Real Estate Investing with Zero Risk
  • Internet of Things to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Budget Management
  • Avoiding Scam
  • Planning Insurance and Climate Analysis

Real Estate Investing with Zero Risk

Big data analysis avails you the clear picture of how to invest and where to purchase a property in accordance with the historical data sets. Before it was like investing in real estate seems to be a risky business. But now with big data technology, the investors find very appealing to know about the prospects of the assets they purchase in terms of demographical variables like water supply, electricity, traffic, other amenities and utilities.

Internet of Things to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness

IoT is also associated with big data technology which helps to monitor the property or the building. It helps in assessing whether there are any improvements to be made to reach its efficacy.

Budget Management

Big data helps in framing the financial reports and paves a way to the portfolio managers and investors to make better decisions in investing funds.

Avoiding Scam

Since most of the fund transactions are by digital means, care should be taken to avoid any deceitful activities. Thus Big data enables the checks and caution points while making fund transaction activities.

Planning Insurance and Climate Analysis

In accordance with the historical data of hurricanes and catastrophic climatic conditions, Big data analyses the geographical constraints and evaluate the property for insurance purposes.

These are the key factors based on which the big data finds the solution in the real estate investment business. Now we shall discuss the 8 companies who are disrupting the realty business in high swing.

1. Bowery

This is a technology-enabled appraisal firm as described on its website. It facilitates the buyer with curative points of data on every aspect of appraising the property. It helps the realty professionals to simplify the time-consuming assessment process.

2. Enertiv

It is a dynamic realty player which helps in transforming the massive set of real-time building data into asset value through IoT technology as its major strength.

3. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker marks its presence by equipping the sales team with a full fledged application to track the buyer in terms of their interest and requirements.

4. CrediFi

As the name implies they concentrate on the crucial data for financial assessments in the commercial real estate industry. It also helps in jotting down the credit or loan facility.

5. VTS

VTS takes the innovative measure of usability of data. It is done by gathering the crucial data, modifying it into one source of information, and finally making it an accessible commodity by anyone in the team of the company on any kind of device.

6. Jones Lang LaSalle

Let it be location or the property, JLL exclusively helps brokers about the important data and information of what point they’re located or which property they’re selling, while they operate the selling transaction. JLL collects all the data and makes accessible for brokers so that they could save their precious time rather querying for information around.

7. Xceligent

This helps in research oriented buying process. They do gather about buyer information, tenant research and recent market trends. These data are then compiled to identify potential buyers, the real market players. As we all know finding a single potential buyer in a real estate business is a huesome process, Xceligent by its curative research makes the deal in a much faster rate and even more commendable buying process.

8. Online Residential

The major challenge in Real estate is it needs data as a complete package of information. But in Online Residential they have facility solutions that any industry professional can go  and access any kind of information related to their business transaction. They have a special team that exclusively processes and maintains all curated data sets on their proprietary platform.

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