How Big Data Could Help Prevent Fatal Heart Attacks

How Big Data Could Help Prevent Fatal Heart Attacks

How big data could help prevent one fatal heart attack every 40 seconds:

World heart day is actually celebrated on 29th September.

According to the American heart association, nearly or approximately 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day, an average of one death every 40 sec. In fact, this cardiovascular disease claims more lives each year than other diseases or infections or problems.

Big data technological advances today mean there are small adhesive patches that can be fixed to a person’s torso that feeds data into RPM.

Advantages of smart phone apps to prevent cardiovascular diseases:

Now in the advanced technology the person’s main part of the body not including the head, arms, and legs. This feeds data into a remote patient monitor. The cardiac activity can be reviewed and explain in real time using mobile smart phone users networks and cloud storage. A patient’s cardiac wave activity can be transmitted through wifi to digital data hubs or individual diagnostic and treatment facilities where data can be understand in a specified way. The persons who are suffering from this heart diseases or attacks symptoms can be activated in their mobile phone remote patient monitoring app to capture cardiac rhythm data associated with their chest pain, thus also alerting their doctor at the same time. This new remote cardiac monitoring capability is saving lives and also lowering the cost.How Big Data Could Help Prevent Fatal Heart Attacks

Because of these smart phones many people are using these apps and earlier 2016 this increased that most of the patients are using this remote cardiac monitoring in their own smart phones for connectively.

Cardiac patient monitoring (24/7/365):

Benefits of remote monitoring are numerous-

  • Increased remote interrogation compliance
  • Earlier detection of arrhythmias, bleeding abnormalities and device failure
  • Improved long term survival
  • Reductions in recurrent hospitalizations
  • Easier identification of heart failure risk
  • Reduced healthcare visits
  • Greater efficiency for healthcare providers
  • Higher physician satisfaction.

Remote cardiac monitoring:

This is a way for implanted heart device to communicate with doctor using a small monitor, potentially reducing the number of times you have to travel to your clinic for an implanted heart device check.

  • Helps doctors detect abnormal heart rhythm & issues with heart devices faster.
  • Live patient visibility and wireless transmission of arrhythmia events.
  • Remote device configuration via wired connection.
  • Increases quality of life and patients with a sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Detailed web based reporting.

Furthermore new remote cardiac monitoring companies are saturating the traditional patient monitoring industry vertical which has been dominated by such medical device giants at Philips and general electric for decades. New market entrants like rhythm and preventive solutions are capturing market share.

Cardiac device monitoring labour services:   

  • Enables more comprehensive patient care with improved outcomes and increased efficiencies.
  • Helps your physicians to continue or use total ownership, clinical control and complete and restricted data access while improving quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Uses in future:

In the coming future there will be lot much usage of smart phones such as apple, Samsung to begin introducing an set of physiologic sensor application capabilities to monitor blood pressure , cardiac, arrhythmia, heart rate and stroke volume. So completely its going to be digitalised much faster than previously thought.

Companies like IBM, optum, Hitachi, are working very hard with lot of energy for a long time to harness what are called population health analytics to increase the predictive power for stroke and so that it can reduce mortality for cardiovascular diseases. So in this way this is having high usage.

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