Big Data, Small Target: The Smart Approach To Artificial Intelligence

Big Data, Small Target: The Smart Approach To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is very complex, and it involves years of hard work to get the results we want. But most of the tech companies want to better results in a very short period of time. They are always behind Return of Investment. The hard truth behind everything is that we often confuse between AI and Machine Learning, we try to use advanced techniques which are not even necessary at that moment. What we are failing to understand is that AI is not the only solution and it is just one more trick in the back pocket of IT. We need to try and find a way which is more efficient and smart to integrate AI and Machine Learning into the normal work flow in our offices. It is very difficult accomplish that. However, carefully planning and shrewd business strategies will definitely come in handy to make the better use of resources at our disposals.

Is Big Data necessary in your organization?

The very first step in any planning is to see and sketch out what is required and what is not. Big Data and Predictive Data Analysis sure does sound interesting, but is it needed in your office?

Once you have figured out at what capacity you choose to deploy Big Data and Machine Learning techniques in your work flow, the next step is to identify what techniques you exactly need. Deep Learning and High-end AI is complex and also costly. If you are trying out AI and Big Data for the first time, it better you start with smaller targets than bigger ones. You need to slowly and gradually integrate it into your work flow not at once.

Know what to do and when to do it

Most business organizations fail at this step. You can plan what is required for today and maybe you can plan for a month. But what about 15 years from now? What is your goal? How does Big Data and AI fit into your company’s objectives at that point of time? Would you still need them? Would they take a new shape and become more expensive than they are now?

All these questions are very hard to answer at once. This will take time and an intelligent mind to sort through all of them get what is required for today by thinking about tomorrow. How is related to using Big Data in your office?

AI and Machine Learning are very volatile technologies. They are still in the nascent forms so, we never know what happens with them in the future. If you base all your operations on them and completely ignore the old way, you may be in a huge trouble. Since you are just starting out your company may not have the most useful and big data sets which can really set the stage apart for your company and your customers. You still need to think of ways for data acquisition. However, highly accomplished companies like Google and Facebook has already secured humungous amounts of data and then jumped into AI, Big Data to sort through them in a useful way.

Bottom line is to see what your company needs, and take is slowly in small steps and not big leaps. ROI is not the only measure of your company’s development. You need to see how well your goals being accomplished too.


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