Big data storage start-ups to watch in 2018!

Big data storage start-ups to watch in 2018! 1

Big data storage startups have started focusing on more sophisticated solutions rather than the generic way of dealing with data analytics. Lately, new data startups have been emerging and this has significantly boosted the businesses all over the world. New startups that made their inception in the recent years have eventually become the major players in various sectors. Companies like Hortonworks and Cloudera are examples of such feat. General analytics has been widely replaced with vertical solutions. The processing speed has gotten enhanced manifold with organizations demanding data all over.

Market reports suggest that there could be a surge in the Cumulative Average Growth Rate percent in the years coming down the pike. The worldwide revenue for business analytics would rise 12.4 % each year. On the other hand, commercial purchases involving hardware and software services would have its CAGR compounded.

Fresh startups that make their advent in the business could possibly accomplish market stability but they also could eventually perish or be acquired by a big shot in the business. Nevertheless, the excitement amongst big data startup peers hasn’t faded whatsoever.

The following are the data analytics, startups that pose supreme potential in the market.


MapD utilizes GPU-based cloud services to query and visualize datasets in a matter of milliseconds. This has set them apart in terms of swift visualization which is claimed to be faster than that of CPU-based visualization. MapD was enlisted amongst other potential startups in the Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards.

Treasure Data:

Treasure Data works on collecting data from various sources and consequently providing real-time insights for aiding its customers. They employ a cloud-based data management platform to perform the operation of drawing data.


Dataiku is a French startup that focuses on helping firms when their productivity is at a premium. They accomplish this by furnishing a data science platform to these firms and by offering them tools to construct effective workflow.


Couchbase designs a specialized document-oriented NoSQL database for constructing interactive applications. This type of engaging database is helpful for cases implicating volatile customer environment and experiences so as to produce dynamic results.


Artificial intelligence powered technology of Inbenta enhances the customer services offered by firms. They lay out and offer a cloud based semantic search technology that utilizes natural language processing to ameliorate their online customer service.


BigML provides Machine learning as a service which links to cloud data sources like AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive etc. Services offered by BigML are available in the web wherein you can utilize a group of free datasets and models for data analysis purposes. There will also be visualization tools, that you could play with.


Striim is a startup that performs operations pertaining to streaming analytics and offers companies the benefit of real-time data integration. It processes a huge amount of data from various sources encompassing IoT sensors, enterprise databases and log files for analysis in real time, whilst also ensuring proper connections with remote IoT sensors.

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