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Big data tools and how to use them

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The entire market is filled with big data tools for the developers to run for data analytics as well as carry on with their predictive analytics, data science and technical analytics as well. The developers are fond of using the tricks to use the big data tools to save time and get work done in a proper way. Few of these big data tools such as MongoDB, Google charts, Silk and etc have been discussed below:
1. The MarkLogic tool– the developers can use MarkLogic tool for dealing with loads of heavy data. MarkLogic tools also provide geographical data which has been combined with location as well as contents making it an ideal big data tools for the users who are wandering for paid app development.
2. Google charts– the strong big data tool- Google charts is a free big data tool that comes with huge capabilities for visualization of data from different website. App developers find it easy to deal with Google charts by embedding JavaScript code over the websites that allows sorting, modification, and filtration of data.Big data tools and how to use them
3. MongoDB—an open source database for developers– This big data tool is ideal for those developers who seeks to have complete control over the ultimate outcomes. MongoDB has index support is scalable. MongoDB also has third party tools which includes Fluentd as well as Edda. The developers can use MongoDB to store data for product catalogue, content management and mobile apps.
4. Silk– the analytical big data tools- Silk is a big data tool that has been used by developers for data visualization that brings data alive with interactive charts and maps. This is an interactive tool that lets beginners to get started well with their projects. Creating an account and signing up will let you add your collections and data cards with manual entries. Thus, there is no requirement for the users to be an experienced expert in handling big data tools.
5. Python– for data languages- One of the big data tools which is not only powerful but also easier to use marking a position in the top ten list of world best data language tools that allows users to work frequently with the available integrated systems. This big data language tool allows the user to begin the work with installation and learning sessions making it easy to understand to follow the instructions and get going.
6. Chartio– it is another data visualization tool that helps combine the data source from different sources without the need of any data warehouse thus lowering the cost of data implementation. Chartio consists of interactive sessions that let the users create dashboards easily providing basic understanding of terminologies. It also provides many charts with options to format and enables the drilldown functions.
7. Splunk big data tools– These big data tools helps harness the machine data that has been created from numerous sources that includes applications, websites as well as sensors. With the use of language framework and the technology platform the Splunk allows the users to create and write codes that let them get going with their projects.
8. The Hadoop software– Hadoop has become the brand image for big data. It has large sets of data to scale with less chances of hardware failure. Hadoop has been well known to provide huge storage for the heavy data, of any type. There is training sessions provided in manuals as well as video interactive sessions that lets the users to gain knowledge and become much powerful. Hadoop interaction needs experts to begin with as the data and languages are set in such a way that is not easy for the beginners.
9. Pentaho– with zero code- This big data tool is usually preferred for data integration that required minimum or zero coding while progressing with the work. The tool serves solution enterprise wide joining data integration along with business analytics for analyzing, with extensive capacity. Pentaho also has advance connectivity when it comes to predictive analysis or data mining.
10. Rapidminer– This big data tool can efficiently take care of advanced analytics of data and management. Creating, storing and accessing of data with Rapidminer forms the basic model for data analytics as well as advanced analytics. Once the user gets to sign up with the Rapidminer model, the database will help create and add data as required or in any sequence that are preferred by the analytics.
These were few big data tools that have made data handling easy. Most of these tools come in packages available with the vendors to help suit the best technology for your hardware. The above listed big data tools perform well with the latest updates without hanging on with the system software. Utilizing the current updated technology will help serve better for commanding the user database.

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