Bing Chat Expands Beyond Microsoft Edge’s Borders

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Bing Chat Expands Beyond Microsoft Edge's Borders 1

Bing Chat is nowadays becoming popular which was rolled out by Microsoft Edge browser. Bing Chat had various characteristics that make it unique from other competitor chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard. However, Microsoft has an intension to make Bing Chat available on all platforms. Microsoft has also revealed the future plans to expand its availability to third-party browsers that are inclusive of Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome.


Chrome and Safari seem to be the first browsers to have access to Bing Chat

Bing’s Reddit page is consist of a screenshot that reveals the successfully running of Bing Chat on Safari and Chrome. Mikhail Parakhin, head of Microsoft’s advertising and web services division stated that the company is presently conducting experiments and also has an intention to make the launches of the features gradually. Parakhin did not disclose which specific third-party browsers get the support of Bing Chat.

By extending Bing Chat’s compatibility to other browsers, the objective of Microsoft is to attract a larger user base. As per the latest data of StatCounter, Edge currently holds a 9.91% market share, ranking third among browsers. Google Chrome dominates the market with 66.02% share, while Apple Safari secures the second position with 12.79% shares.

Microsoft is capable to ensure optimal performance, which is likely to limit the number of Bing Chat users accessing the service via Chrome and Safari at the time of testing the features. This approach will successfully grant the permission to the company to gather valuable insights and make informed decisions about expanding the feature to a wider audience.

Also the company has increased the upper limits for daily chat rounds from 200 to 300. The maximum number of rounds per session has shifted from 20 to 30. Furthermore, Bing Chat’s functionality has been enhanced with the introduction of Precision Mode and Balanced Mode. This will actively expand the utilization of Bing Image Creator.

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