BITBhoomi leveraging blockchain,NFTs for Environmental Donations

By Srikanth
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BITBhoomi leveraging blockchain,NFTs for Environmental Donations 1

Responding to the intensifying environmental crisis, Beyond Imagination Technologies, a prominent blockchain company, has revealed BITBhoomi – a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform designed for the digital monitoring, reporting, and verification of green initiatives, specifically focused on reforesting open spaces in urban and non-urban areas alike. In the coming weeks, the platform plans to unveil its exclusive cryptocurrency, $BHOOMI. This digital asset will serve not only as a means for crowdfunding but also as a key element in fostering a dynamic blockchain community committed to tackling real-world challenges through inventive technological solutions.


Alarming statistics from The World Count report reveals that from 2011 to 2015, approximately 20 million hectares of forest were lost annually, with an alarming acceleration to an average of 28 million hectares per year since 2016. This translates to the devastating reality of one football field of forest lost every single second. In a bid to counteract this dire situation, BITBhoomi leverages the power of blockchain and NFT technology to enhance the transparency and traceability of donation campaigns, specifically targeting the mitigation of adverse effects caused by human activities on the environment.

BITBhoomi brings a host of benefits to the forefront of environmental initiatives, fostering a sense of ownership and pride among stakeholders. The platform provides real-time updates, ensuring accountability and trust in the reforestation process. By utilizing innovative approaches towards conservation and reforestation initiatives, BITBhoomi not only promotes transparency but also supports long-term sustainability, making it a catalyst for positive change in the battle against deforestation.

Corporate entities looking to strengthen their environmental initiatives can leverage BITBhoomi data-driven insights, corporate social responsibility integration, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability reporting capabilities. BITBhoomi empowers companies to actively participate in mitigating environmental damage, making their commitment to sustainability tangible and measurable.

The platform introduces a comprehensive suite of impact reporting tools for reforestation efforts, ensuring meaningful contributions from every donation. Key features include advanced tree counting technology for accurate impact visualization, precise geolocation of planted trees to enhance transparency, real-time monitoring of tree growth and health for a deeper donor connection, data-driven optimization for optimal planting times, and measurement of carbon sequestration to contribute to global climate change initiatives. Additionally, the platform assesses and manages soil organic carbon levels to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of reforested areas.

Nikhil Goyal, CEO & Co-Founder, Beyond Imagination Technologies expressed his enthusiasm at the launch of BITBhoomi and said, “With the launch of BITBhoomi, we want to bring sustainability into everyday conversations, aiming to shift it from boardroom discussions to dining table dialogues. Our newly launched solution envisions a comprehensive approach, leveraging technology, environmental sustainability, and community engagement to drive transformative change.”

He further added, “BITBhoomi recognizes the need to intertwine these elements to create a significant impact. By harnessing the power of technology, the initiative seeks to democratize sustainable practices, make it accessible and actionable for individuals, thereby encouraging a broader community participation in fostering positive change. The emphasis on environmental sustainability underscores a dedication to addressing pressing global challenges, while the inclusion of community engagement signifies a collaborative effort towards a healthier planet. BITBhoomi’s holistic vision reflects a strategic blend of innovation, eco-consciousness, and social involvement, positioning sustainability as an integral part of daily conversations and actions.”

In an era dominated by heightened environmental concerns, BITBhoomi stands out as a beacon of hope, providing individuals and corporations with a tangible and transparent solution to actively participate in the restoration of our planet’s precious ecosystems. As a pioneering force in sustainability, BITBhoomi encourages responsible environmental stewardship through innovative and accessible means. By fostering a community dedicated to eco-conscious practices, it empowers individuals and businesses to take decisive action towards a greener future. With a commitment to transparency, BITBhoomi ensures that every contribution translates into measurable and impactful results, fostering a collective effort to safeguard and rejuvenate the Earth’s vital ecosystems for generations to come.

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