Bitcoin miners are competing with PC Gamers

Bitcoin miners are making it impossible for people to find a crucial component of PC gaming

With the rise of bitcoin mining, the current time is considered unsuitable for building games for personal computers. The major components for building PC gaming are being rendered unavailable by the bitcoin miners.

GPUs for PC

Game-building process has become quite easy, and playing games on computers has also become quite a delightful experience for gamers. However, the graphics cards, or GPUs, which are crucial for powering the visuals of computers, are in in high demand, and they are not easy to find any more. Their price has risen considerably from the intended mark. A large number of resellers are hiking the price, going as much as double or even more.

Reason behind the demand

The demand for the GOUs is not because of the huge influx in the number of gamers. And bitcoin mining largely drive this demand for PC gaming among enthusiasts. While brands like AMD or Nvidia sell graphics cards whch have the ability to power high tech gaming visuals, these cards are also able to mine bitcoins. In fact, they are among the major tools that the miners use.

Results on the price

The graphics cards are on sale almost everywhere, and this is resulting in the same outcome at every retails site, from Amazon to Best Buy: that they are sold out, that the resellers are stuck with big markups, or options of back-order. GTX 1080Ti, the flagship card by Nvdia, is now available at a retail cost of $700. Amazon’s lowest price is $1,100. It is now hard to find them at a decent price, so much so that the subject has become a joke.

Solution of this problem

Bitcoin Minings has become extremely popular now, and this is obviously turning out to be a problem. However, as more people are becoming aware of the concept, and they need to be in acquisition of proper ardware that can power this activity, the problem is likely to be solved soon by the GPU manufacturers. As the manufacturers of graphics cards are getting ready to supply the cards swiftly, it is likely to get solved soon. Asus, AMD, Nvidia, etc. are doing the same. There’s an identifiable movement by the brands in works getting done to bring the right solution in this case.

There is obviously a lot of confusion in this area, and the gaming brands are also facing some problems. But the overall production of graphics cards will not only help the gaming industry soon, but the bitcoin miners as well, which will, in turn, enhance the experience of the gamers.


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