BITS Goa to start Entrepreneurial Event

BITS Goa to start Entrepreneurial Event 1

‘‘In the field of start up every single person is ready to make you understand the risk, but there are very few people to tell you how to see reward and get positive energy before you start.” It is very imperative to be the part of something big and these big start ups comes with some kind of risk but one should never forget to see the benefit and reward.

It is the enthusiasm to make yourself achieve what your hard work actually deserve. To get something greater one should make their own path and run on that path with consistency and become an entrepreneurs.

Coalescence is BITS Goa’s owned entrepreneurial event which is conducted by the help of Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL). BITS Goa is running an event Coalescence which is an entrepreneurial event. The event is launched by Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Coalescence is being one of the major confluence’s of India.

The event get eye of many students all over the country and they get all sort of inspiration to start their own journey and follow their own dreams to achieve best from their dreams. Coalescence is even very generous to found a support system and got a surrounding which is full of new and innovative ideas of start up, under the umbrella of BITS Goa. With presence of some dynamic  trend setter like Rajat Sharma, Taapsee Pannu, Radhakrishnan Pillai will made the event more successful.

This year it’s very honoured to have three most prominent personalities with us such as Sharad Sagar, Vikram Gupta and Ajay Chaturvedi for the wonderful start of the event.  Coalescence 2018 is a event which is aiming to become India’s largest innovation summit. In its pervious event, it had many entrepreneurs nation wide to meet and get young entrepreneurs minds.

The event is conducted by BITS Pilani Goa, Enatus and Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership, in the last year the event featured entrepreneurs like Rahul Yadav the Co- founder and ex- CEO of along with Rajat Sharma who us the Chairman and editor-in-chief of India TV, Taapsee Pannu, Rajat Kapoor, Arunachalam Muruganantham (Social Entrepreneur), Kunal Shah (Founder of Freecharge), Shaheen Mistri (Founder for Teach of India), Vijay Anand (The Startup Guy), Tushar Vashisht (Co- Founder and CEO at HealthifyMe), Radhakrishnan Pillai (Author of “Chanakya in you”), Biswa Kalyan Rath (Stand Up comedian) and many more.


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