Blackberry Unveils IoT ‘Center of Excellence’ in Hyderabad

BlackBerry opens IoT hub in Hyderabad, focusing on smart tech. It aims to be the primary QNX hub in Asia-Pacific, with software powering 235M+ vehicles worldwide.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
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Blackberry Unveils IoT 'Center of Excellence'

Canada’s famous software company, BlackBerry, has opened a fancy new center called the ‘Center of Excellence’ (CoE) in Hyderabad, India. It is a special place for their Internet of Things (IoT) division where they work on smart technology.

The facility is really big, covering 2,787 square meters. Right now, there are 60 skilled workers there, but they are planning to hire twice as many in the next year. They are aiming for the center to become the main hub in Asia-Pacific for the Blackberry QNX global developer network. It is important to note that BlackBerry’s QNX software is used in over 235 million vehicles all around the world.

The CoE is made to create important software for different kinds of smart technology. They will work on making software for the next type of smart cars and also on making medical devices, industrial systems and robots better.


Mattias Eriksson, the president of BlackBerry’s IoT division, explained that India is very important for their customers who use smart technology in cars and other places. India is known for having many talented software engineers and being a hub for new ideas.

He added that they are happy to open the BlackBerry IoT Center in Hyderabad. They want to improve what they offer to customers and partners. Also, they aim to provide chances for skilled software engineers in India who work on embedded IoT projects.

The opening of the new facility also brings BlackBerry’s new idea, ‘QNX Everywhere,’ to India. They want to use QNX tools to help more people in India and everywhere else become really good at making smart devices.

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