Blockchain Games: Pros Cons to Know Before You Start Playing

Blockchain Games: Pros Cons to Know Before You Start Playing 1

Blockchain games are becoming increasingly popular, and for many gamers, they offer a unique experience in terms of decentralization, interoperability, and increased security.

Knowing the pros and cons before you start blockchain-based gaming will help you make an informed decision. There are potential risks, such as security concerns, slow transaction times, and high transaction costs, so make sure to do your research before diving into the world of blockchain games.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of blockchain-based games:


1.  True Ownership of Assets

One of the significant advantages of blockchain games is that they provide users with actual ownership of virtual assets. In a traditional game, all your purchases are stored on the host’s server, and you don’t own anything.

With blockchain-based games, you can store your assets on a secure and immutable ledger, so they can’t be taken away from you or manipulated by anyone else.

2.  Provably Fair Gameplay

Another benefit of blockchain games is that they offer fair gameplay, which means that the outcome of a game is verifiable and cannot be rigged.

Fairness is embedded in the blockchain code, and users can trust that their playing experience will be secure and dependable. The fact that these games are built on a decentralized network further adds to this element of trust, as players know their data won’t be compromised or misused.

3.  Censorship Resistance

Blockchain games also offer more censorship resistance than traditional gaming. This is because blockchain technology is decentralized, and its data is immutable, meaning it cannot be disabled or altered by any single entity (like a government or corporation).

This level of decentralization ensures that players have unrestricted access to the games they want to play and lets them contribute to the blockchain’s development without fear of any kind of control or unfounded censorship.

4.  No Infrastructure to Manage

Blockchain games offer a great advantage over traditional online gaming; they don’t require you to manage any kind of infrastructure. Setting up and maintaining a server for traditional online gaming is extremely time-consuming and expensive.

With blockchain games, the entire system is managed by the blockchain, so there’s no need to worry about servers or other hardware. This simplifies the process of getting started and allows gamers to access their favorite titles from anywhere with an Internet connection.

5.  Ability to Acquire Crypto Through Gameplay

One of the major advantages of playing blockchain games is acquiring cryptocurrency while playing. Since the game is based on a blockchain, players have access to a digital wallet that can store in-game tokens or other virtual assets.

This allows players to earn and spend cryptocurrency without purchasing it directly. In addition, there are many ways for gamers to monetize their gameplay experience through blockchain games, such as by participating in tournaments or completing special tasks or achievements.


1.  High Fees and Poor Uptime

As with any digital transaction, blockchain games may incur high fees and poor uptime. This can be caused by network traffic or fluctuations in cryptocurrency values. The higher the fee associated with a transaction, the longer it might take for that transaction to go through, resulting in delays and unresponsive gaming experiences.

Additionally, some game developers have not taken the time to implement proper backup protocols to ensure timely access to their games. Therefore, remember that you may experience downtimes when playing blockchain games.

2.  Low Playing Ability Levels and Limited Games

Another potential con of blockchain games is some players’ low playing ability level and the limited number of games available. Since crypto games are still relatively new, there is a smaller pool of experienced players to compete with as well as fewer games in development.

This can lead to unsatisfying gaming experiences amongst newer players who may be unsure of how to play the game properly. Additionally, varying levels of activity from developers may make it difficult for players to access the latest version of the game.

3.  Lack of liquidity in-game due to the lack of active players

One of the more common pros for blockchain games is their capability of providing players with true in-game asset ownership. Despite this, the lack of active players can also be a disadvantage.

With fewer active gamers, there is less of a chance that they will need to purchase items from each other. This could result in fewer trading opportunities, and environmental instability as not enough players participate in the game.

4.  Limited Audience appeal with blockchain games playing a niche market so far

Despite the impressive potential of blockchain games, many gamers either don’t understand the technology behind them or just don’t think they are worth the effort. As a result, blockchain games can have limited appeal and only attract certain players. This lack of widespread acceptance could seriously damper adoption and limit its use long-term.

5.  High-Security risks as hackers target blockchain games for assets like crypto tokens

While blockchain technology is highly secure, any platform that stores personal crypto tokens or Ethereum addresses is vulnerable to hackers and malicious attacks. The anonymity of blockchain also makes it difficult to trace back these users after security breaches or theft of digital items.

There have already been several incidents in which hackers have stolen millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency from blockchain games. Due to this, players of blockchain games should be aware of possible risks.


It is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of blockchain games before getting started. The pros and cons of blockchain gaming should be carefully weighed before you decide whether to invest.

The true value of NFT games relies on community. The bigger the community, the better it will likely succeed. Gamers can decide whether to participate in blockchain gaming based on their knowledge of its benefits and considerations.

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