Blockchain Impact Lab launched at Indian School of Business

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Blockchain Impact Lab launched at Indian School of Business 1

DLabs Incubator Association (DLabs) at the Indian School of Business (ISB), in collaboration with S&P Global, launched a world-class Blockchain Impact Lab at ISB’s Hyderabad campus today. The two institutions have come together to address a strategic need of the hour: to support and nurture innovations in the Blockchain space. Equipped with best-in-class technology, the lab will serve as a hub for the creation and dissemination of knowledge on blockchain and its impact on society.


The Blockchain Lab was launched by Abhishek Tomar, Chief Data Officer, S&P Global Market Intelligence; Nilam Patel, Head of Site Operations, S&P Global, India, along with Professor Vijaya Marisetty, Lead, Blockchain Impact Lab, DLabs; Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry, Faculty Director, I-Venture @ ISB; and Saumya Kumar, Director, I-Venture @ ISB & CEO, DLabs.

“The Blockchain Impact Lab provides a learning and development environment for all stakeholders at ISB. Its purpose is to impart knowledge and create use cases that apply blockchain for enhancing societal impact,” said Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry.

The state-of-the-art lab is equipped with an Ethereum Virtual Machine, Hyperledger Fabric, and Multi-chain environments. It currently has four nodes, sufficient for any kind of use case testing. Students can log into the machine from anywhere, allowing the technology to be used in a wide range of setups.

Nilam Patel, Managing Director- India Operations, S&P Global India, said, “Blockchain technology has been a game changer and a revolution. Our partnership with ISB is vital in creating a strong tech focused ecosystem that helps make a difference. With the Blockchain Impact Lab, we are providing a platform for students, faculty, start-ups and upcoming entrepreneurs to create a significant societal impact.”

The lab will function both as a physical and virtual set-up. The classroom environment will allow stakeholders to attend blockchain training sessions and use case demonstrations, while start-ups incubated at ISB can use the facility for developing Proofs-of-Concept. The remote setup will also allow larger groups of stakeholders from outside the ISB ecosystems to benefit from being trained through the lab. The Lab has already set a goal of supporting 500+ student innovators and start-ups in the first year alone.

The launch of the Blockchain Impact Lab marks a significant milestone in the development of the Web 3.0 ecosystem in India. The lab aims to emerge as the leading global think-tank on the Web 3.0 ecosystem and facilitate collaborations between corporates, governments, and researchers for the wider applicability of blockchain technology in reaching Sustainable Development Goals.

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