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Blockchain Technology Trends In 2019

Blockchain Technology Trends In 2019 – We know how the technologies are evolving, growing and changing day by day and thus it is essential to opt for the technology that is currently trending in the market and accordingly growing your business in the suitable trending technology. Blockchain technology is also in the new one and just in the trend from last year.

But, before going into the trends first of all what is blockchain technology meant? It is the building block for the cryptocurrency in which there are different blocks and they are combined together as one and on each block, the cryptography is applied which helps to secure your data. The most popular is cryptocurrency name bitcoin was based on this technology, many other cryptocurrencies exist but are not as popular as this one.

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This mechanism mainly used by the participant who gets some correct information and does not need any confirmation for the truth of the information by another participant. While for transferring or using the bitcoin the transaction information is truthful and is kept secure. while in real life, we have to conform to the bank manager and he/she is the middleman in this traction but in that transaction, no middleman is needed.

Blockchain technology trends
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1) More digital assets in the future

As the world is growing digitally even currency is growing and developed digitally so assets should also be available digitally that can help the business to grow and handle the assets by their own, while this digital asset is expected to have the custodial services. Financial occupants have already known about this and they are working on it well,

One of the examples of this is Bhakkt which is developed by the people who are behind the New York Stock Exchange and is likely to launch in the January 2019, this also will bring the institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market as well as some digital assets in the market, there can also be the contracts through which you can keep the track of it and can also help to maintain records of your assets as well as cryptocurrency.

2) Blockchain with gaming

We know how much people love video games and how they are keen on it as the stress busters, there are numerous games in the market and even over the internet, people use to play the games on the smartphones, video games such as Play stations and even the online games on the internet, people used to pay money over the internet to play some of the games and the now by merging the blockchain technology with the gaming those gamers can earn the money and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Game Alliance members were present at the blockchain game submit held in France in the year 2018, where they have discussed about the gaming world with the blockchain, they may provide their gamers with the cryptocurrency when they play and form these cryptocurrency gamers can buy other games or unlock other games or buy some the merchandise through it.

3) Most of the business shift with the blockchain technology trends

We are seeing that many changes are occurring in the market due to the blockchain and the cryptocurrency, it can be predicted that most of the business in the near future will shift to the blockchain technology for the financial assets as well as for the market exchange and investments.

4) Crypto exchanges trading

The Crypto exchanges are now in trending due to the popularity of the digital assets as well as the cryptocurrencies, the crypto exchange trading mainly focuses on things such as buying and selling of the digital assets as well as merging the cryptocurrencies to the digital assets by buying them. This you can convert your cryptocurrency into other digital or virtual currencies and assets with the use of the crypto exchanges and the cryptocurrency traders can help for the crypto exchange trading as well as for the investing and buying selling purpose.

5) Privacy improvement

Earlier in the blockchain the privacy of the users and owners of the cryptocurrency was the threat for them as the exchanges and the information related to their currencies are open due to the open blockchain concept, in the open blockchain concept the information of the user currency is kept open and even government bodies can also keep track of it and due to this criminals also keep eyes on the information, but now it is permission blockchain in which the data or information about the currencies and exchange are kept private to the user or owner only, the security for the blockchain is improving day by day.

6) Tokenization in real-estate

As the digital assets came into the existence the real-estate came into the picture, you can easily opt for the tokenization when you want to go for the real estate, if you put your shares in real estate on the blockchain it is easy and faster to get the investor or a group of investors on this platform.

7) Investments in blockchain

There are a numerous number of real-estate business as well as trading exchange available in the market of the blockchain and thus investment in the blockchain technology can give you many profits with the high returns as well as the secure way to if you want to transfer the currency without the interference of the middleman.

All in all, there are numerous emerging opportunities that are coming up in the blockchain technology as we can’t keep calm to use them as it helps for the growth and the making your business grow internationally without any middleman needed for your investment or for the digital assets the blockchain traders helps you with all the things provided under the blockchain technology from the gaming world to the investments with high profits after the sales and even making profit by investing in the shares that are kept through the blockchain technology.

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