Blogging vs Vlogging – Which one works better…?

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Both Blogging and Vlogging are equally crucial for a business to promote its products to the target audience. But, the problem is most of the startups doesn’t usually have enough budget or time to invest in both Blogging and Vlogging, which forces them to choose only one between the two to start with. So, to have a good start, you have to choose the one that works better for you. Let us see some pros and cons of starting a blog and the pros and cons of starting a Youtube channel as well.


Starting a blog and starting a Youtube channel has its own set of pros and cons. Also, there are some universal pros and disadvantages shared by these two methods of sharing ideas. Let us discuss in detail about them.

Pros of starting a blog

An outlet to share your ideas with the world

The first advantage of starting a blog is that it allows you to share your thoughts with the world. This is an advantage that both a blog and a Youtube channel have in common. They both are outlets for your creative ideas whether you choose to use them to teach people things or you just are creating some entertaining resource for people to consume. Either way, it allows you to share your creative ideas with the world.

Easy and Flexible

The second advantage of starting a blog is that it is pretty flexible, fun, and comfortable. Now, I know that most bloggers will probably tell you that writing a blog isn’t that easy. But, on the relative scale of things that you can do, yes it is hard work to do, but it is not complicated. So, something that pretty much anyone can do, it is a flexible way to share your ideas with the world and potentially make some money, and it can also be enjoyable because most of the time people start a blog around a topic that they are interested in.

Make some money through advertisements

Another advantage of a blog is that you can monetize it with ads. So, you can potentially make some money by putting some posters on your blog. You can use your blog for advertising and selling your products or services as well. So, if you have a widget you wanna trade or if you want to offer a course or if you provide some service like if you are a web designer or a video editor or a personal assistant, whatever you do, whatever value you want to give to the world, you could choose to use your blog actually to advertise that service and get customers.

Your blog, your content

The next advantage of running a blog is that it’s something that you own entirely. Well, you are, to some degree, probably relying on some third-party services which might be hosting your content. So, your content may be living somewhere else, you do technically own your content, it is yours, and for the most part, you are entirely in control of it. And that is a little bit different than Youtube channel which we’ll see when we discuss YouTube.

You can write about what you love

The final advantage of starting a blog post is the most obvious one, and that is that it’s a great choice if you like to write because you can share your creative ideas with the world through writing. So, all you to have to start a blog is the topic you love and interest in writing.

Now, let us discuss some of the disadvantages of running a blog because there are definitely a few of them.

Cons of starting a blog

Ads on blogs pay very poorly

The first one is almost in contradiction to one of the pros that I mentioned, and that’s about the advertisements. Well, you can put ads on your blog, and you can earn money from them, but the problem is, the ads on blogs pay very poorly. You need to have hundreds of thousands of page views per month to make any significant amount of money and even that considerable amount of money, honestly probably won’t be more than a couple of thousand dollars at most.

However, that’s not to say that you can’t make a lot more money with a blog, there are many opportunities to work with sponsors or to sell your products on your site that can allow you turn into a profitable hobby or even your full-time job.

Organic traffic is not so reliable as it was ten years ago

The second disadvantage of running a blog is that you have to do all the work to generate your traffic. People might happen to find you on Google which indeed occurs sometimes but not nearly as much as it used to arrive about 10 or 15 years ago and even that organic traffic are often earned through your hard work.

High competition

The next disadvantage of running a blog is that it is incredibly competitive. There are millions of blogs on the Internet these days, and it can be tough to get your website to stand out, to get people to even hear about it and if they do hear about it to get them to visit and to get them to come back for more.

Non-repetitive visitors

Another disadvantage of starting a blog is that it doesn’t necessarily create a personal connection to the visitors with the site. So, someone might happen to find you on Google; they come across your website, maybe they want to see a recipe or a fashion post you put together or your review of some gadget or whatever, they read the job, they get the information they need, and they are out of there.

They might never even think about the fact that a real person wrote that article that you might have other items that they might be interested in reading. But, in most of the cases, it can be tough to get them to understand and realize that when they just come and learn only one of your posts. Most of them leave after they get the information, and they will never return.


The final disadvantage of running a blog is that it can be very time-consuming. Well, first, you might think that it would not take very much time to run a blog. When you are first starting, you have to invest a whole lot of time in merely learning how to do all the different things related to running a blog. It is certain that it only takes almost an hour to write a post. But, it takes several more hours to edit the job, to find or create images to go along with the position, etc.,

If you want a little place on the Internet to chronicle some of your adventures or to share some diary entries, then you certainly could do that in just a couple of hours a week. But, if you are planning on turning this into a serious hobby into monetizing it or turning it into a full-time job, be prepared to invest a whole lot of time in it.

Pros of starting a YouTube channel

Like I mentioned above, starting a YouTube channel has a lot of pros and cons that are similar to the pros and cons of starting a blog.

Easy and flexible as well

Just like starting a blog, running a YouTube channel is pretty easy, flexible and fun. Again, it does take time, it does take some hard work but it is not terribly complex. You can’t, of course, get more into the film making and videography side of YouTube and in that case, it definitely gets a lot more complex. But for most of the people running a YouTube channel is pretty flexible, fun and easy and it can be a good way to make a living.

Location advantage

The second advantage of starting a YouTube channel is Location. So, whenever you have something that you want to sell whether it’s a house that you’ve bought or if you have a business and you are trying to sell a product if you have a good location, it is a huge asset to your business and it makes it much more likely that your business will be successful.

Just imagine if you have a hamburger chain and it’s on some quite backroad as opposed to if you have a hamburger chain and it was located on a busy street corner. Which one is probably gonna do better…? It will be a lot easier for the one in a good location to do better because it gets so much traffic and the same thing happens with the YouTube channel. Unlike the blog that is lost on some backroad of the Internet, your YouTube channel is on a platform that is very busy with people.

There’s a lot of traffic here on YouTube with a lot of people browsing around, just looking for something to watch. And YouTube is constantly suggesting YouTube channels to people who they think might be interested in them. So, a definite pro of a YouTube channel is that you are in a place where there is much more traffic which is enough for you to earn some money.

Helps in building an audience for other platforms

The next pro of running a YouTube channel goes right along with that and that is that running a YouTube channel can be a pretty fast way to build your audience. Now, there are obviously all sorts of business platforms are on the Internet and off where people are trying to build up their platform and attract audience whether you are running a podcast or a blog or a Facebook page, whatever it is, you are trying to get visibility and build your audience. This can be achieved easily if you can build an engaging YouTube channel.

Cons of starting a YouTube channel


The first disadvantage in starting a YouTube channel is that making videos can really be time-consuming. I’d say that on average people spend anywhere from about one hour up to about ten hours to make a single YouTube video. You certainly can spend way more time than that if you want to make it into more of a production. But if you are making videos more like educational, you may find it less time-consuming.

Heavy Competition

The next disadvantage of running a YouTube channel is that it is incredibly competitive. There are millions of videos on the Internet these days, and it can be tough to get your video to stand out, to get people to even hear about it and if they do hear about it to get them to visit and to get them to come back for more.

YouTube channels inevitably draw attention to your competitor’s videos.

YouTube is geared toward providing visitors with the videos they most want to see. This is how advertising revenue for the website is generated. That means any competitive videos to your channel are going to be displayed on the site while someone is viewing your video. This means you’re giving your competitors some extra exposure.

There is no control over this video distribution medium.

YouTube is an independent website with its own goals and business plans to follow. Your business plans may not necessarily matter to the final results that are hoped to be achieved. This is because a channel is free, it is just as easy for a visitor to click on your YouTube link to watch your videos as it is to watch it on your site.

There is no guarantee that anyone will watch your content.

There are some videos on YouTube that have over 600 million views. Then some videos don’t even have 50 views. Just because a YouTube channel is started, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically drawing attention to your content from visitors. As with any form of internet media, you’ve got to advertise your content on other channels so that your targeted audiences can find you.

So, these are some of the pros and cons of starting a blog and the pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel. Choose the one that fits best for you and boost your business.

Brand Bargains On Blogs and Vlogs

As you develop a community around your YouTube station, your audiences will get increasingly enthusiastic about your brand. They will recognize your logo if they view it on movies, sites, and social websites. Because of this, you should begin producing the branded product, sporting or using it on your vlogs, also promoting it via an internet shop. If it has to do with the VS vlog contrast, the two blogs and vlogs can generate money from brands as a cynical business. Several print-on-demand websites will look after each one the manufacturing, stock, and supply for you.

You have to design, upload, and decide on the product and clothes you would like to market. The prices for services and materials will be automatically deducted from every sale. Starting a website is a superb way to fortify your YouTube station with much more information. It may be an additional way of making money on YouTube. AdSense can fit targeted advertisements for your viewers with your site too.

Sponsorships on Blogs and Vlogs

Discover enlightenment. Brands that you enjoy are fantastic examples of possible patrons on your YouTube station. You could begin getting free merchandise and obligations in hardly any time. Many YouTubers receive their YouTube exemptions exactly the Identical way you want; by calling prospective sponsors and requesting them.

In case you’ve got a new in mind, you can get in touch with them right away. Or you’ll be able to use an internet sponsorship platform with brands that want to learn more about sponsoring YouTubers. But you will want to compose a proposal that tells your prospective host that you are, whatever you are doing, and why they might want to host your YouTube content.

Make every suggestion unique to the new you are writing. Do not make the suggestion concerning you personally. Make it on your patrons. To put it differently, do not inform them why you desire a YouTube real estate. They wish to learn how it will help them with exposure, reputation, etc.

If you buy a sponsorship on your YouTube station, make sure to inform your audiences about it on your videos, and consequently, they’ll love it.

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