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  • Myths Busted: Why Usability Testing is the Best Option for Your Digital Product?

    When was the last time you paid attention to usability testing in your website design process? If you haven’t then now might just be the time. But, since you are planning to move forward for an implementation, you will come across many individuals who will spread a number of rumors about usability testing. Well, I […] More

  • Site Architecture Plays key role to achieve desired SEO results

    You will need to integrate your site with the Google Search Console so that you get the desired SEO results. For this you will need to make several HTML improvements and most importantly focus on the site architecture which is perhaps the most important measure of on-page SEO. This part is also the trickiest one […] More

  • VPS vs Dedicated Hosting : Best Option for E-Commerce Website

    The fast-evolving e-commerce landscape demands better user experience, faster site speed, and a high level of security leading to better site management. That is why site owners need the most efficient web hosting options to keep themselves ahead of the competition. Most often than not business owners are stuck in the dilemma of which hosting […] More

  • Top 5 WordPress Donation plugin’s

    One of the the most powerful features of using WordPress is the number of diverse options for plug-ins that you can expect using. But, selecting the best ones can easily be troublesome and time-consuming, and therefore you need article guides like these to aid you in selecting the best possible option. There are many popular […] More

  • Tips and tools to write SEO-friendly content

    If your business is online, it will definitely have a website. To make sure your website ranks top in the search engine results page as well as able to grab customers attention it must incorporate some vital elements. One extremely important element among all is high-quality and search engine optimize content. While you can always […] More

  • Guide on Integrating Shopify Products on Amazon

    Shopify and Amazon are two of the biggest players in the e-commerce industry. It’s no wonder that their partnership is something that many sellers were always looking forward to. However, is it a good idea to sell on Amazon when you already have a well-established Shopify store? Should you even consider the integration if you […] More

  • How to improve the delivery rate of your emails?

    In case if you want to get success in email marketing, then you should definitely look into studying the email delivery rate via email verification service. It is a great way to test how well your plans are working and also your IP reputation as well. In case your IP’s reputation is low enough, then […] More

  • Impact on Artificial Intelligence WordPress Theme Development

    These days, WordPress Theme Development Companies find it difficult to meet the demands of customers. A growing number of companies use WordPress for online promotion of products and services. For this, they need a highly customized and personalized theme for website creation. Leading experts from various industries focus on the benefits of artificial intelligence for […] More

  • How You Can Generate More and Better Leads Using Polls

    There are two things that every business is interested in – to generate more leads and secondly to generate qualified leads. In a world that is becoming increasingly smaller with digital technology businesses no longer enjoy exclusive customer base. You and your rivals are after the same customer base and this makes the market increasingly […] More

  • WordPress MySQL Database and Top WordPress DB Plugins

    WordPress is a PHP-based CMS platform, which is not used as one of the most acceptable and user-friendly web development platforms by many. Usually, WordPress uses a MySQL database for backend operations. Here, in this article, we are trying to delineate the step by step process of manually creating the MySQL DB for your WP […] More

  • 5 Reasons To Use A Technology Based Website Builder

    In any business, having a website is key to making people aware of your brand and allowing them to contact you. Making your own website can be difficult if you don’t have the skills in web design or development so many people struggle with this. This is why using a website builder can be a […] More

  • 48 Qualities to start Online Affiliate Marketing

    Briefly speaking, an affiliate is the person who knows the money earning techniques by using his own websites. That means, a company or an advertiser posts ads on their websites or social media pages to drive traffic from different sources.  Visitors   hit the site to check the products of the company.  In return, the affiliate […] More

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