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Blu Smart Partners with Mahindra to go all-electric

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Delhi-NCR users can probably book all-electric rides from cabs utilizing Blu Smart Mobility’s app, accessible for download on Android gadgets from June 18 on wards. The Delhi-based startup has collaborated with Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd to look after its ride-hailing administrations in the area.

Thus, the company claims to imitate the app for the iOS users also. As a matter of fact, collaboration with Mahindra & Mahindra led to the initiation of all-electric Mahindra eVerito sedans to Blu Smart. Thus, the company claims to check the Delhi aspects to develop the startup.

Blu Smart also looks forward towards the car-sharing, ride-sharing or even the shared-charging facilities with the startup’s app as revealed by Punit K. Goyal, Co-Founder of Blu Smart.

Furthermore, Mahindra Electric Vehicles(EVs) would focus on Next Generation Mobility (NEMO) connected features that cater to the needs of the customers with fleet operators like the Blu Smart that functions to optimise the fleet usage of the company.

Also, the company had the installations of nearly 15 charging points in the Delhi-NCR, while it is planning to come up with more charging points with nearing August 2019. This thus, involves the initiation of charging points on specific National Highways like the Delhi-Jaipur and Delhi-Chandigarh, as claimed by the company according to the reports.

According to the reports, the company marked to have secured more than 2,200 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions as during the first year of its operations in the National Capital Region, thereby, stating it parallel to plant more than 10,000 trees in an area.

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