Blue tick verified on Twitter will get Priority Ranking in replies

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Blue tick verified on Twitter will get Priority Ranking in replies

The Twitter 2.0 transition is up on the news radar of social media for some time now. The torch bearer of the paid tick mark verification , Twitter acquired by Elon Musk recently came to headlines for providing added benefits to paid blue tick profiles. If we look deep, as a part of paid profiles, it is always customary factor, that there should be some additional advantages and highlights that the normal profiles will not be entitled.


Elon Musk On giving power to Blue Tick

We all know of the sharp business mind of Elon Musk. From the time it acquired, Twitter and its changes be it related to the management or the remodelling of the Twitter platform have been on headlines. Last November when Twitter Blue tick to be paid and to give profiles the much needed boost came into feature, there were rumours of what benefits will be of paid blue tick. We know the importance of getting verified, but any additional privileges will be always great.

As per the latest reports, the Twitter paid blue tick verified profiles will get added push in comment threads. To elaborate this, it means when comment thread on Twitter will happen, the paid blue tick mark verified profiles will get to post and see them at the top , above the non-verified profiles. This move came as a welcome by the paid profiles for blue tick marks, as it will give them more limelight.

A comment thread , where discussions and activities takes place, everyone wants to be seen on top. Now, the paid twitter users will be get this advantage to be on top. Without being pinned to top or anything. Many small and medium influencers will get more focus as a result. The followers and activities will increase when a certain comment in a viral comment thread is on the top.

Twitter engagement rate decreased due to new code 

Twitter’s engineering team had difficulty implementing new code changes back in January, resulting in decreased overall tweet engagement for many users, according to reports from the platform’s users. The issue stemmed from the system being patched together over time, making new updates such as re-ranking tweet displays difficult and causing unexpected issues that restricted tweet reach.

Twitter will boost tweets

Now, it appears that Elon Musk’s team is ready to implement an aspect for paying Twitter users that will give them more reach and exposure. This move will likely benefit Musk’s supporters, who increasingly view him as a political figure. As a result, Twitter will boost tweets from a small percentage of users who are more likely to support a specific side of general political discussions.

While the impact of this change may seem marginal, considering that a small percentage of Twitter users produce the majority of tweets, it could have a bigger than expected impact on overall tweet discourse. This change may make people less likely to tweet about divisive political topics, as they may fear being bombarded by paid blue tick accounts. At the same time, spammers and attention-seekers may look to capitalize on viral tweets in the hopes of getting more exposure for their messaging.

How brands will benefit with Twitter blue?

Twitter Blue, may offer brands an opportunity to boost their online presence. By signing up to Twitter Blue, brands can potentially increase their exposure and visibility for their replies. While brands can currently access Twitter Blue, they may eventually be directed towards the more costly ‘Verification for Organizations’ program. However, this process is subject to change.

Impact of Blue tick verified

Currently, Twitter Blue’s main impact will be the re-ranking of replies. This change is expected to have minimal impact on tweet visibility, as it will only relate to tweet replies and not limit overall tweet visibility. Nonetheless, brands may find value in signing up for Twitter Blue as it offers a range of other features, such as the ability to undo tweets and organize bookmarks.

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