Blues, RAKwireless Collaborate to Simplify Global IIoT Connectivity, Prototyping

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Blues, RAKwireless Collaborate to Simplify Global IIoT Connectivity, Prototyping

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) services provider Blues and hardware manufacturing company RAKwireless have joined forces to simplify global cellular connectivity, accelerate IIoT product development and facilitate prototyping while ensuring seamless connectivity.


The collaboration aims to address the challenges commonly associated with IIoT product development such as complex physical design features and compatibility issues among different connectivity options. They highlight the importance of using interchangeable components to make it user-friendly and accessible, even for those who have limited technical expertise.

The core of their partnership revolves around offering a simplified and pre-configured cellular IIoT solution known as Blues.ONE, along with the composable WisBlock interface board, RAK13102. By integrating Blues’ Notecard across RAKwireless’s WisBlock modules, sensors and enclosures, they are significantly reducing the complexity of global cellular connectivity for IIoT applications.

Blues’ Notecard and Notehub solutions are tailored to address the significant hurdles encountered in IIoT connectivity, providing a straightforward and secure path to cloud connectivity for a wide range of physical products. This partnership offers a multitude of advantages for businesses including more efficient prototyping, adaptable customization, uncomplicated deployment and worldwide connectivity. Moreover, they anticipate an accelerated time-to-market through simplified programming and the ability to fine-tune and personalize IIoT services.

Moreover, the simplification of intricate design aspects that typically result in compatibility concerns, coupled with the harmonization of wireless communication, will ensure uninterrupted worldwide coverage for customers in over 140 countries.

This simplified IIoT development process will empower businesses to deploy devices for a variety of use cases, such as industrial equipment monitoring and asset tracking. The companies emphasize that this capability enables organizations to harness the power of wireless harmonization, positively impacting their operations, customers, and the environment.

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