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Bluetooth Technology To Enable Mobile Apps In Your Car

Although it seems like Bluetooth’s wireless technology has been around forever as of now, if it grew legs and walked into a bar, it still wouldn’t be old enough to buy a drink.

But as it celebrates its 20th year, Bluetooth’s global impact makes it seem mature beyond much more after its years. And that impact is set to sweep rapidly across a much wider range of products and locales in coming years, according to a number of experts at Bluetooth World 2018.

Mesh networks provide boost

One of the key drivers for Bluetooth beyond consumer applications is smart buildings. When Bluetooth launched mesh networking last year, it provided a significant boost to building automation systems and this has emerged as a significant driver for energy savings, sensor-based occupancy mapping and security systems.

Beacons guide shoppers

One of the more impressive use cases for location services can be found in Minnesota’s Mall of America, a massive complex of more than 500 stores spread across nearly5 million square feet. The mall’s information technology department wanted to enhance the shopping experience by creating a smartphone app that would help guide visitors.

Automakers battle big tech firms

The quest for capturing Bluetooth-driven consumer use through smartphone-driven apps has also evolved into a competition between auto manufacturers and major technology powerhouses.

Security still a question

If there is a potential cloud on the Bluetooth horizon, it’s security. A year ago, Armis Security published documentation outlining various vulnerabilities which affected Bluetooth implementations in iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

Called BlueBorne, the flaws have been addressed by a number of product manufacturers, which have issued patches and software updates. Yet, there are still an estimated 2 billion devices still open to attack.

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