BluSmart Mobility Triumphs as Young Turk Startup of The Year at IBLA 2023

By Sunil Sonkar
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BluSmart Mobility Triumphs as Young Turk Startup of The Year at IBLA 2023

BluSmart Mobility, India’s first all-electric ride-hailing service, emerged as the ‘Young Turk Startup of the Year’ at the 19th India Business Leader Awards (IBLA) held in Mumbai on December 2. Founded by CEO Anmol Singh Jaggi and Chief of Fundraising Punit Goyal in January 2019, the startup company has rapidly grown to become a key player in the industry.


Starting with just 10 electric cars and two charging stations, BluSmart has expanded its fleet to nearly 6,000 cars operating in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, putting it in direct competition with major players like Ola and Uber. The company is special because they really care about making customers happy. Unlike other ride services, they don’t cancel rides and even don’t charge extra during busy times. The company wants to make electric cars a usual way for people to travel every day.

BluSmart’s main team has Tushar Garg taking care of business, Anirudh Jain handling operations and Rishabh Sood managing technology. All of them are helping the company grow and do well.

Since it started, BluSmart received $109 million of funding. Important groups like BP Ventures, Survam Partners, 9Unicorn Fund and Green Frontier Capital decided to invest in it. The company also got $150 million to help with their stuff and big parts of it came from groups like the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) and the Power Finance Corporation (PFC).

Operating an all-electric cab fleet, BluSmart has already made a substantial impact on the environment by reducing over 21,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. It gave 10 million clean rides and went over 325 million kilometers. It is not stopping here. They are working on making things better by creating their own electric cars.

BluSmart did really well at the IBLA awards because they care about being green and coming up with new ideas. This shows they are becoming a popular and successful startup in India.

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