BMW Group Partners With KPIT, TTTech For Autonomous Driving

One of the largest premium car manufacturer, The BMW Group has now signed on KPIT and TTTech as the latest innovative technology partner for its autonomous car driving platform. The main objective of the collaboration with the TTTech and KPIT is to press ahead with the scalable autonomous driving platform and to work together on the process of development of Level 3,4,5 functions which is Highway Pilot and Urban Pilot, said the company in a report.

This move also bolsters the BMW group development resources process for the automated driving and represents another step forward in its quest to scale up its platform ecosystem and build the technology in the field o automotive industry.

The partners will now be able to assist with rolling out the software stack within the third parties of the Autonomous Driving platform, which also helps in facilitating access for the OEM’s. This will also make it easier to integrate other OEMs and begin offering the scalable software IT solutions across the entire automotive industry.

“Tackling this immense challenge calls for an all-embracing approach,” said Elmar Frickenstein, Senior Vice President Fully Automated Driving and Driver Assistance, BMW AG Munich. “This includes building strong alliances that allow us to gain valuable know-how and also speed things up.

In order to achieve our objective in 2021, we are collaborating with the best technology partners in the world.”  This explains that the latest and recent development of the BMW group partnership in the field of autonomous driving. Some of the other firms with which BMW is collaborating include the Mobileye, Magna, FCA, Baidu, Intel, and Aptiv.

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Written by Udit Agarwal

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