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How BMW Uses Artificial Intelligence And Big Data To Design And Build Cars Of Tomorrow

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Often, the challenge with any new technology is to mold it in a particular way so as to suit one’s need. Since the day automated vehicles were a resounding reality, every big player in the automobile industry has been desperate to make sure that they become the leading player in a volatile market. BMW, needless to say, is one of the biggest players around, and they have been here for decades, or nearly centuries now.

However, BMW knows that it has to shift its policies and governing technology to keep their reputation alive and hence, their resort to big data comes as no surprise. Combined with AI, data analytics and other new age technologies, BMW has been at the helm of bringing future’s cars to the present.

Punching beyond everyoneHow BMW Uses Artificial Intelligence And Big Data To Design And Build Cars Of Tomorrow

BMW has always set its vision higher than anyone and its level 5 autonomy target has surely ruffled a few feathers. It aims to create car whose autonomy will be as efficient as a human driver and can drive perfectly under any condition. Perhaps one of the greatest markers of this ambition is BMW’s collaboration with Intel, whose recent acquisition of Mobileye speaks volumes about BMW’s interest.

This company, a pioneer in computer vision and advanced forms of image recognition, have surely paved way for BMW to do what few companies have been able to do- create a mechanism to see like humans. It is not limited to infantile sorting of images or interpretation of an image. Rather, a decision making is involved here where input data is not only interpreted but also analysed in real-time.

Deriving inspiration from Rolls Royce

BMW’s sister brand, Rolls Royce can provide the right impetus for a chauffeur-less future. Apparently, BMW is supposed to release some of its series 7 cars equipped with level 3 or 4 autonomy. So, a human driver can simply drive the car while all the other facilities are taken care of in the meanwhile. However, the car hasn’t yet taken complete control yet. Rolls Royce’s Eleanor series, on the other hand, is the perfect symbol of how the billionaires would want an automated car to be. However, for the masses, BMW has another surprise to offer. Its famous Mini may arrive in automated fashion to woo the crowd.

Location analytics is the key

BMW has already partnered with big names like IBM to derive maximum insight for software like Watson. Similarly, its partner Here Maps is going to help the automated cars learn everything about the location. Location data can vary from GPS information to video from cameras on the vehicle and Here Maps can help the car using this data to navigate effectively.

BMW is thinking further by working in close contact with Parkmobile, a technology that can help you decide the parking space prior to the beginning of the journey. Of course, BMW is spread over continents and countries. Hence, the amount of data generated during production and distribution is immense. Whether all such data can be utilized to the maximum is to be seen.

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