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BMW is using self-driving tech to help US Olympic swimmers

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The Rio 2016 Olympics spirit has taken over the entire world. Every country is rooting for its athletes to bring home those shiny medals and a lot of worldwide laurels along with it. While India’s run at the Olympics run isn’t going exactly as it would have anticipated, USA is having a dream run. Well, maybe courtesy a certain German car company called Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or BMW as it is more popularly known in the masses.

Confused? How is BMW helping USA in winning the Olympics? Here’s how.

BMW is providing a helping hand to US olympian swimmers by using a technology that it originally invented for its autonomous driving systems. Olympics Swimming contest is a race where every-millisecond-counts. The BMW tech is helping Olympic swimmers to keep a close watch on the minutiae of their forms and swimming techniques so as to improve their performances and winning chances. BMW uses the same LED lights in its world class cars to help identify pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. These LED lights are put on the limbs of US swimmers and it then helps them to examine different elements of pull and kick.

The coaches of Team USA are making use of these LED-based software packages to provide quick feedback to their swimmers and help them in mastering their each performance. This LED-based software and a racing wheelchair that the German car maker had designed for the Rio Paralympics, are the two BMW technology initiatives currently on the display at Rio Olympics 2016.

According to BMW, adapting the tech that it used in its cars for the USA Olympians costed the company about the same amount as a few 30-seconds prime-time television time would cost – that is about US$300,000 to US$600,000 each.

So, now we know the reason for USA’s phenomenal performance in swimming. Kudos, TEAM USA.

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