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Boost Mobile, Digital Businesses through Programmatic products - Mobavenue 1

Brief Intro About founders of Mobavenue

Mobavenue was co-founded in 2017 by Kunal Kothari and Tejas Rathod, who serve as Chief Growth Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively. Kunal graduated as an IT Engineer, and Tejas with a bachelor’s in computer engineering. The duo met while in college and later founded a digital marketing company in 2014. A $100 cheque they earned from Google AdSense through freelancing started their entrepreneurial journey.


During their journey, Kunal and Tejas began discussing how Google and Facebook used to display ads based on online activity. They felt there was a better way to deliver ads to the end users while addressing the consumers’ privacy. The formation of Mobavenue dawned upon us.

The founders, along with the team’s dedication and hard work, have earned them a spot in Businessworld’s lauded 30 under 30 list and several other prestigious industry accolades, such as the “Most Promising Agency of the Year 2022” and “Performance Agency of the Year 2023” by Adgully.

About the products/solutions you provide your customers and how they get value from them.

Mobavenue has evolved into a prominent martech and adtech company. We have partnered with over 300+ brands in e-commerce, banking & fintech, retail, healthcare, OTT media, gaming, travel, real estate, and sports. Our product suites are purpose-built to drive brand performance.

Mobavenue aims to enhance mobile and digital businesses by offering full-stack programmatic products and services, including DSP, ad exchange, a self-service advertiser platform, an SSP, a monetisation platform, first-party data platforms, a creative studio, and an automation platform. 

Which industry verticals are you currently focusing on?

Currently, we are focusing on contextual advertising and cookie-less solutions with a privacy-first approach. At the same time, we are building new products by anticipating future challenges.

As a tech-first company, we are committed to developing technology for tomorrow, today. In tandem, we are expanding our global presence by venturing into new verticals and creating new products based on understanding and problem-solving.

Growth Trajectory of Mobavenue since its inception?

Our growth trajectory has always been on an upward curve since our inception. However, we did face a few challenges, as is the case in building a successful global bootstrapped company. 

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings when it was just a small cubicle with a lean team. Today, we have built a team of 120+ employees across 10 locations, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Sydney, London, and New York. We believe in a “build-to-last” approach; our committed leadership team is a testament to that.

Future of contextual advertising and the role it will play in a cookie-less world?

With third-party cookies losing their relevance, contextual advertising provides an optimal solution for engaging and targeting audiences in a world without cookies. By leveraging this approach, audience targeting remains consistent – a fundamental requirement for optimal engagement.  

We must recognise the need for how we reach our target audiences. Contrary to behaviour-based ads, contextual advertising is usually more brand-safe since it follows users where they can see relevant ads. This approach is well suited to deliver relevant ads specifically to the content users view, allowing seamless ad integration into online experiences.

How do you see a shift to a privacy-first approach panning out?

A shift toward prioritising privacy is already in motion, and it’s predicted to persist as people increasingly value their personal information and demand greater control over their data.

As a result, many companies are adopting a privacy-first approach to their business practices. This involves putting the privacy of their customers first by implementing stronger security measures and providing greater transparency around data collection and use.

How do you create a value exchange with consumers’ data privacy?

Customers may be more willing to share their personal data when they see how it can add value to their overall experience with personalised services that prioritise their needs. 

Personalisation can be a crucial value exchange point. Personalised customer journeys keep customers’ attention and enlist their loyalty; engagement is high, as are conversion rates.

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