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Bosch and Foreca’s in self-driving cars predicts Road conditions

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It is easy for humans to drive in more bitter conditions, but its very difficult to do same foe self- driven car- Google talked about Waymo’s prototypes experiences the feel of cold and saw snow for the first time in this year.

This is reason behind why an electronic company Bosch is partnering with Foreca, which is Finnish weather forecasting provider, on a road- condition service which is very predictive in nature and this is meant to provide more better safety for autonomous vehicles because they themselves navigate the fragile ice bridges too along with rain slick roads and some other danger along with their routes.

“There are wet roads, ice, snow- get predictive on our road- condition services, we want to get alert before the danger happens and before we are in the condition of critical situations.”  The member of Bosch management Dr. Dirk Hoheisel said in a statement. “We are getting help from weather data which is being provided by Foreca so that we can get the correct information and we can proceed to work in a correct manner.

“We have tried the combine the excellence of Foreca and Bosch which is going to give a new kind of road- condition forecasting so that they can easily cope up with icy weather condition.  It is not like the weather forecast which is done by media, in fact the Bosch road- condition service which will give information of multiple forecast scenarios that is into consideration,’ said in a staement Petri Marjava, Foreca’s Sales Director.

This collaboration with Foreca is going to build the Bosch self- driving ambition to the best. Only in this year the company launched its new created service named Connected Mobility Services, and this branch of the company has more than 600 employees, this is acquired by B2B ride sharing service which is a start up named Splitting Fares, and also they had an partnership with TomTom

which is providing the navigation service that will give vehicles to navigate roads ahead. Sometimes before in this month, they also announce a business deal with German automaker Daimler because they have chosen Nvidia’s Drive Pegasus because they have their Artificial Intelligence computing platform of choice, and this how it will work for the start of testing self-driving cars in California.

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