Bosch India is first to achieve better automation, electrification and connectivity

Bosch India is first to achieve better automation, electrification and connectivity 1

In a report by global data, India has become the fourth nation in the world by overtaking Germany in the field of automatic market. Companies across the globe are working intentionally to get their leading position secured and doing best for enhancing their innovation and research &  development (R&D) work so that they can fulfill the consumption demands of the customers. Bosch India had already started their work and become the one of those company in order to achieve better automation, electrification and connectivity to be leading among Indian Market.

IoT and Artificial intelligence

Previous year Bosch was all set to start the art of Artificial intelligence center in Bangalore and added so many new teams in order to enhance their Artificial intelligence projects and develop solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) to help local needs. Along with this Bosch is also planning to provide strong base for  IoT in India with investing 1700 million rupees in India in upcoming three years.

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

IoT is the solution for factories and enterprises, Bosch is also going to support Government of India’s campaign ‘Make in India’  and ‘Smart Cities’  by their new investment plans.

Confederation of India and Industry’s Industry 4.0 Council is also in partnership with Bosch for ‘Smart Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub’. This will need support of Government for small and medium-sized enterprises to grow. We will take this to next level for the benefit of all classes such as small, big and medium enterprises.

Automotive Sector

If talking about automotive, Bosch is investing in both like making of electromobility which is the market success and betterment of combust engine. These demands are beneficial for the market. Engineers of Bosch are successful in getting NOx emissions at massive level. “There will be diesel in future. This should be saved for future mobility”  said Volkmar Denner.

Connected Mobility

Connected Mobility is one of the fastest growing field in India. Bosch is continuously making beneficial transformation into a connected mobility service provider. In recent times Bosch has come up with Connected Mobility Solutions branch to manufacture and sell digitalized mobility services. “Connectivity will change the expansion from A to B along with this it helps to resolve traffic problems in today’s era. We are trying to get out of old and step into the vision if emission-free, stress- free, and accident- free mobility”  said Volkmar Denner.

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