Bots, bytes and big data: Could AI transform healthcare?

Bots, bytes and big data: Could AI transform healthcare?

To monitor critical cases, artificial intelligence is contributing a lot these days. Not only in the field of education, is artificial intelligence stepping in the world of medical health also. After several visits to doctors, conducting several tests and examinations one can diagnose the health condition or fesdisease. Artificial intelligence is now helping to detect the critical care and the illness also. Not only worldwide, India is also collaborating medical science and artificial intelligence.

Professor Ashtosh Sharma,  secretary of the Union Government’s department of Science and technology, highlighted that AI can collect data, research and analyze it. This helps in setting up the right decision.


In the rural zones, where medical help cannot reach out quickly, over there AI is a blessing in disguise. Where there is lack of medical help or where medical knowledge needs to be made more advanced, over there we can use AI. The first research institute in India, Wadhwani Institute was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. It was done in Mumbai where artificial intelligence joins hands with medical science, education, infrastructure and agriculture.

AI can fill up gaps in many cases. It is found that there are many lab samples which are not studied. This is just because the ratio of pathologist is less in compared to the samples generated. The use of AI, in this situation can study those samples and carry out the research activity.

SigTuple, submitted a design where they blood slides. They use algorithms which can be studied faster. Rohit Kumar Pandey, the CEO and the founder of SigTuple, said that it can save time as they are only 19,000 pathologists in our country. From the human tasks, AI derives the data and carries out the task. The programmes can predict the patterns, sounds and analyze and forecast the events also.

With the help of AI, patient data can be used to detect the illness and start the right medication. In those places, where staffs are not available in plenty, AI blesses the people. This data can be preserved and later on in future other cases with the same symptoms can be treated also. Pathologist who need time to do the blood test can carry out the tests faster and deliver the reports quicker with the of AI.

Not only to use in the pathological labs’, AI can be used to treatment psychological problems also. To fight mental disorder, stress AI can be used. As with humans, a chance of error or biases often comes into picture in these scenarios. To get solution in critical situations, AI can be used.


In Delhi, Max Healthcare uses AI to monitor patients. After operations or treatments, even if patients are moved out of ICU, still they need observation. 30 % of the critical care cost is eliminated here. Patients, who are moved into the normal wards, are closely monitored whole day and night. With the help of AI, doctors and nurses can supervise them.

Apps are launched also for the medical workers to gather important data. Data like families health condition, past health cases, living habits, nutrition and family habits data can be collated. It can track and analyze many diseases. Like in case of dengue or for expecting mothers, the data can use. AI is rapidly progressing the medical platform. It is saving lives and time also.

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