Brands, Retailers can get full Potential of e-Commerce – Paxcom

Brands, Retailers can get full Potential of e-Commerce - Paxcom 1

Brief introduction about the founders

Paxcom is founded by Mr. Punit Sindhwani.  An Electronic engineering graduate from Mumbai University, he is passionate about using the latest technologies to solve challenging problems. He founded Paxcel Technologies Pvt ltd in 2001 , a Software Product Development company with clients across the globe, co-founded in 2011, India’s first true omni-channel retail company with connected physical outlets, own eCom store , and Amazon and Flipkart eMarketplace. Mirchimart was one of the limited sellers Amazon India started marketplace operations with and won award from Flipkart as largest seller in Electronic Category.

Few words about  Paxcom and its products

Paxcom’s vision and mission is to technology to simplify eCommerce for all kinds of Manufacturers and Retailers. 

Our Kinator product line simplifies selling on Amazon, Flipkart and hundreds of other online retailers across the globe. It uses ML and Analytics to provide actionable insights into growth opportunities and threats by analyzing price, stock, visibility, reviews, content, sale, promotion  data points across multiple platforms. 

Our Glapto Product lines makes it easy for retailers of all sizes to go online with a few easy clicks and manager product, inventory, orders across multiple touch points and multiple fulfillment centers. 

What is the basic concept on which Saas-based Paxcom helps companies strengthen their e-commerce presence?

Basic concept is our tools and technologies can leverage ML, AI and Automation to help Brands/Retailers tap into the full potential of eCommerce by simplifying presence on  multiple customer touch points and proactively analyzing and monitoring key performance indicators on multiple platforms. 

How will you rate Indian corporate vis a vis global ones as far as their e-commerce presence is concerned? Kindly Elaborate.

The differentiation today doesn’t lie as much between Indian and Global brands, but in the maturity brands within markets have towards eCommerce. 

One of the most significant differences we’ve seen in the more mature eCommerce players is that they view eCommerce differently as a whole. Instead of focusing solely on short-term gains, they invest in it as a strategic long-term growth strategy and plan accordingly. Another point of differentiation is how they approach decision-making. Data and intelligence are central to not only strategy, but also to day-to-day hygiene and control. They recognize the importance of having clear visibility into their own, competitor, and category metrics, and they use advanced analytics to make intelligent decisions. We’ve done some very exciting work with global brands like PepsiCo, Abbott, and 3M, as well as Indian brands like Britannia, Zydus, Paperboat, and Solethreads, to develop a suite of very robust solutions around this. 

We’ve also seen that brands, where eCommerce is integrated across teams and functions, perform better than those where it’s treated solely as a sales channel. Education and understanding of eCommerce across functions, as well as a more cohesive approach, yield far better results.

What is the USP of Paxcom?

Paxcom’s USP is a robust suite of technology solutions backed by an experienced team obsessed with a data-driven approach to eCommerce growth for its clients. Its technology solution consists of ML/AI-powered actionable insights on Product Content, On-Shelf Availability, Reviews & Rating analysis, Share of search, Sales, and Promotions. The startup’s Omni-channel technology solution optimizes the supply chain for order fulfillment and warehouse management, while its eCart Solution helps establish eBrand Store and apps. The Paxcom team comes with a wealth of experience in establishing omnichannel strategy and solutions and has gained valuable insights in managing their own, and some of the prominent brands, eCommerce growth since 2011. 

Digital innovations are driving the eCommerce sector in India towards a paradigm shift. What are the measures taken by your brand to boost this drive?

With digital innovations driving the eCommerce sector in India, we at Paxcom, through our proprietary  technology and a strong suite of eCommerce services, help businesses expand their online presence. Paxcom is well-known for its digital solutions that help brands and sellers improve their overall online performance.

Paxcom’s always been at the forefront of digital growth in India, and even today, we are constantly innovating and adapting to support the eCommerce industry further. We have recently launched our premium analytics tools for sales and eCommerce advertising optimization, as well as a suite of omnichannel solutions for more efficient warehouse, inventory, and order management.

We have also been working actively to drive a better understanding of eCommerce and knowledge sharing across partners and industries. A large part of this has also been made available to a broader audience through our new website,, and our social media pages. 

What is Paxcom’s growth trajectory?

Paxcom’s growth rate has doubled year over year for the previous few years, and we anticipate aggressive growth will continue as we expand our presence in new markets and with new solutions globally.

What are your key targets for the next 1-2 years?

In addition to expanding within the country, we are aggressively growing our global presence. Our current clients include over 150 brands across 20 countries, and we are in the process of growing not just our client base but also our engagement with existing clients. 

At the moment, our SaaS-based data analytics tools are our top focus, with eCommerce advertising & strategy services following closely behind.

Looking ahead, we expect our revenue to triple within the next two years, with the primary chunk of that growth coming from North American & Asian markets, and new solutions aimed to better serve SMBs.

How do you envision the future of e-commerce in India, especially when the technology is fast changing?

The Indian eCommerce industry has come a long way since its inception and is seeing an upward growth trajectory with every passing day. According to IBEF, the Indian eCommerce industry is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest eCommerce market in the world by 2034. Technology enablers like digital payments, hyper-local logistics, analytics-driven customer engagement, and digital advertisements will facilitate growth in this sector in times to come. Further, growth in the eCommerce sector will boost employment opportunities, increase revenues from foreign exports, increase tax collection by ex-chequers, and provide better products and services to customers in the long run.  

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