Broadridge, ISB DLabs Unite to Launch Fintech Accelerator for AI, Blockchain Startups

By Sunil Sonkar
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Broadridge, ISB DLabs Unite to Launch Fintech Accelerator for AI, Blockchain Startups

Broadridge India partnered with DLabs Incubator Association (DLabs) at the renowned Indian School of Business (ISB) to ignite innovation and revolutionize the artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) domains through the inception of a global accelerator program.


Broadridge India is a prominent player in the financial services sector.

The program is futuristic. It focus on providing the required support and guidance to startups operating within the AI, blockchain and DeFi sectors. It is particularly designed to empower the emerging ventures as well as equip them with the necessary tools for success such as mentorship, capacity building and invaluable networking opportunities.

Broadridge released an official statement reading, “The aim is to empower startups working in DeFi to thrive and attract the attention of relevant stakeholders and investors globally.”

The accelerator program is set to span nine weeks. Within the period it offers a myriad of networking opportunities and access to crucial fundraising support for the selected startups. This will be a game-changer for early-stage companies.

Interested startups that operate within the AI, blockchain and DeFi segments are encouraged to apply for this remarkable opportunity. The closing date to apply is November 30, 2023. With the backing of Broadridge and ISB DLabs, these startups have the potential to reach new heights in the competitive landscape of the fintech industry.

Sheenam Ohrie, Managing Director of Broadridge India, expressed her excitement for the initiative. He said that the focus is to collaboratively develop products that can fuel path-breaking digital transformation within the fintech industry.

This revolutionary endeavor promises to be an important moment in the intersection of technology and finance. It sets the stage for cutting-edge innovations to flourish.

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