Build smart connected apps using Azure and Xamarin

Build smart connected apps using Azure and Xamarin 1

Enterprises have a growing demand for quick remote asset management, secure and easier data connectivity, and minimum response time. These demands can be fulfilled with a cross-platform mobile application based on cloud that can be developed using Xamarin and Azure services.

Why mobile application is important for enterprises?

Enterprises are on the constant chase for growth, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and real-time analytics to help stay ahead of the competition. Native and hybrid mobile applications provide the best output performance and user experience. Vigorous efforts, time and, distinctive programming on each platform is required to develop such mobile application.

Build smart connected apps using Azure and Xamarin 2

Native apps are built using programming languages like Java and Swift for Android and, iOS. Hybrid apps are formed using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Apache Cordova, which is used to wrap them with native apps.  Azure mobile services can be integrated to go live with the planned enterprise mobility strategy, which helps to speed up the development process and eliminate cross-platform development. This gives easy access to enterprise data.

Challenges and solutions  

A native mobile app allows enterprise to build innovative applications that help them stand ahead of competition. However, cross-platform native applications require lot of time and efforts. Xamarin mobile app development can be leveraged to develop mobile applications in C# and installation on Android, iOS and Windows environment respectively. The key challenge for a successfully connected enterprise is the integration with existing IT assets, secure data access across devices and locations and remote asset connectivity. Enterprise mobility platform is the solution to these challenges and it demands a robust framework, cloud integration protocol and application incorporation. With Xamarin, enterprise is assured of 100% code reuse with nearly zero response time and secured data connectivity. Additionally, Microsoft’s Azure mobile service allows to consolidate active directory, integrate database, social media and sync offline features.


Developing native mobile applications together with Xamarin and Azure mobile services helps enterprise reduce development time and cost. Deployment time of native apps also reduce substantially from months to days/weeks with tangible benefits.

Written by Animesh Gupta

Animesh is working with VOLANSYS as a Technology Strategist well-versed with the latest trends in Cloud, IoT, DevOps, Microservices domains.

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