Building useful and engaging mobile apps

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Mobile- the word once had a different connotation two decades ago but now, it immediately strikes the idea of the device that you carry in your pocket. Hence, it is hardly a wonder that mobile technology has become the most important thing for all enterprises and if someone does not have mobile technology infrastructure, the enterprise is only going to suffer in the coming days. So, priorities must shift from desktops to smartphones.

However, the situation is not simple black and white and hence, if you think having an app on the various platforms is enough to serve your need, you are only mistaken. It is precisely why you need to understand why an engaging app is needed and how could you make such an app.

Understanding micro-moments

Google is the best learning platform and it can teach you a thing or two about app development too. Understanding micro-moments is precisely part of this. There are certain things that consumers demand and it revolves around going, buying, knowing or doing something. If your app is revolving around these features, then it is going to succeed most definitely.

You have to realize that there are at least two or three million apps across the various operating systems and commonly, users explore only five or six apps regularly. In fact, a report has provided the stunning information that only a three percent of the apps are active after a month. Hence, understanding micro-moments is not enough, but there is something else in the game that you need to pay attention to.Building useful and engaging mobile apps

Making easy navigation and exploration

Once you have decided the micro-moment you want to target, you need to make sure your app lives up to the consumer’s necessity. Always assume consumers to be novices and organize everything accordingly. Make sure users get to know, do or buy things right from the home screen and do not need to wander here and there. Organizing the interface in an effective manner is also necessary because users need to navigate quickly across the various features.

One common issue with most apps is that if a customer enters an unnecessary page, then the customer cannot go back easily. So, you need to make sure the usual go back button is enough to help the user navigate across the various sections of the app. Also, since most mobile apps use location for improving suggestions and better service, your app should have the facility to update the location once you open the app. Moreover, if your customer opens up the website from some other location, your app should be able to redirect you to the app.

What’s inside the app?

Exploring the app is one thing, but enhancing the app is something else altogether in terms of internal content. Users use the search option most in case of most apps and hence, make sure the search field is accessible immediately by the users. Another thing about search is that predictive search should be mastered by the app developers. So, the search must be indexed in such a way that customers don’t go to Google for searching. Another important thing for e-commerce websites is that they should be able to filter the search results.

If your app has some payment options, which most apps do, you need to provide an effective purchase portal that is as smooth as any major purchase portal. If you are using a third party purchasing system then you need to provide smooth integration so that the customers do not face any kind of glitch while paying. Make sure you accept all kinds of cards to attract most amount of customers. Try to include all kinds of cards in the payment process.

Easy registration and filling up

The most difficult thing about some apps is the registration process where they make it so complicated that the users refuse to register and look for better apps. Hence, try to make sure that it is only a one or two step process and even better, could be logged in through Facebook or other social media. Since it is mobile, try to use OTP as an easy method to authenticate the user instead of complicated verification process.

If for purchasing, the user needs to fill up a form, then you have to make sure that the form is simple and easily updated. Also, if the data is to be repeated again, then the data should be stored at the database for the ease of purchasing next time. Try to make sure users can review product and delivery at one touch and more importantly, the feedback process should be visual instead of textual. Any app which addresses the user directly and makes itself useful in the time of need by using efficient methods is the ideal app in today’s world.

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