Business growth by focusing on long-tailed keywords

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Business growth by focusing on long-tailed keywords 1

Business is an integral part of the economy. People engage in a variety of businesses to deliver products or services to consumers. The acquisition of services and/or products from a particular business company by a huge number of customers helps in building the sales figures of that company. The business field was highly concentrated in the offline field, but with the introduction of the internet, a great increase in online marketing has been observed. Setting up of e-commerce stores and having service providers displaying their products through the internet is quite common nowadays.

The online medium is freely accessible to anyone at any corner of the world, and most service providers can create an online portal or webpage by following a few simple steps. The presence of social media has also revolutionized the marketing field as people are turning to social media for business development.

  • The undeniable relevance of keyword with regard to optimization

Optimization is a term which is often heard when people are running online sites on the internet. The need for taking actions that will keep the website running smoothly is not the only factor. The search volume and traffic that the website gains have to be analyzed periodically so that glitches can be marked out and proper advertisements are purchased. Marketing online is a multidimensional process and if the volume of traffic does not correspond with an increase in the revenue then there some issues which have to be fixed.


There are multiple ways to get graphs and charts online that show the traffic volume and keyword queries. These are easily available as networks are operating online for creating such statistical information. However only looking at the information is not enough as a deeper understanding of the statistical data is required. Sometimes there is a mad rush to get a bid on high volume query words but if a person outbids other then marketers who haven’t got those high volume terms to feel that they have to look at other opportunities. But the whole advertising field that operates online has myriad of opportunities, and one cannot simply concentrate efforts for buying only high-end terms. The selection of targeted terms is always a factor for online marketers, but these targeted terms need not be concentrated only in short length queries. The queries with a greater number of characters also serve a functional purpose on the online marketing media and so strategies for targeting keywords have to be carried out in a nuanced manner that elevates the traffic of a website but also keeps the budget on advertising considerably low.

  • Optimizing search queries based on the effect of keywords

There are multiple variables which play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. Onsite keywords and development of the website content are known factors which are considered under SEO. When queries are searched, it is often thought that shorter queries are better. Hence marketers often ignore the keywords which have more words. Therefore optimal results are believed to be obtained by using keywords that have less number of characters. But there are some important considerations in this regard these include the traffic that is achieved through long tail phrases and the relevance of that traffic for the online business.

There are many advertising networks which provide information regarding the length of query and performance of ads. It is important to study this data in a correlated manner so that user engagement and traffic volume of a particular suite is correctly evaluated. The character count of queries has to be measured against the impression volume in a raw form. If this type of data is viewed, it will be observed that shorter queries on search engines form the majority. The impression rate is, therefore, higher for queries with less number of characters.

In an approximation, it has been seen that one-fourth of the queries belong to the longer category of query lengths and as the character count increases a decline is observed in the impression volume. Even if this is the general trend which is observed, still neglecting all long tails when it comes to search queries is not a sensible decision because the volume of impression received from those long queries forms a significant percentage.

  • Knowing the significance of lengthy queries

Longer queries directly reveal engagement of the customers on a deeper level. It requires a bit of deeper delving based on the information on the relation between the engagement of users and the length of search queries. For query length, the CTR is a function which helps in understanding the performance of longer search queries. There is no doubt about the fact that hits received through the long queries only form a minority, but these queries show better performance. Though the CTR is low for queries with more characters despite this impression volume, the potential of these query terms in the field of revenue is quite substantial.

  • The advantage that can be gained with longer search queries

An environment that is less competitive is always favored, and the queries which are longer are understandably less competitive with regard to keywords. According to the vertical growth advertisements that have a high potential for CTR but has a low price are suitable for targeting. The cost is less, so it becomes an important factor for making average marketing budgets. Less competition and low cost make long-tailed phrases might propel marketers to readjust their bidding strategies. For gaining the benefit of revenue from long phrases, it is important to search for the place where such queries are created. Studies have shown that verbose users are most likely to use such keywords and verbosity of users across large search engine platforms’ are often evaluated for locating the places of origin for such long-tailed searches.

There is untapped revenue potential when it comes to longer search phrases, but keywords that bring a higher volume cannot be left out. Hence the important thing is to combine a high level of user engagement with a less competitive scenario while purchasing ads. Hiring a competent user experience design firm is a smart way of doing it.

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