Business Mail Forwarding: Tips and Benefits in Increasing Small Business Sales

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Business Mail Forwarding: Tips and Benefits in Increasing Small Business Sales 1

What is Mail Forwarding? Mail forwarding is a company service provider that handles postal services with additional features by using advanced technology powered by the internet and fast delivery features at maximum privacy, security, and capability. In actuality, mail forwarding is the “package and mail” forwarding service, but the service is similar and a bit superior. Some government postal service companies are also mail forwarding companies independent of the main government’s public servants. An example of this is the United States Postal Service (USPS).


Mail forwarding service can help a business that is just being set up or conceptual even when there is no physical office. Mail forwarding is an enhanced version of a public post office where in terms of upgrading its protocols, it is outdated due to laws to be approved by the government.

Functions of a Mail Forwarding Company

Business Mail Forwarding: Tips and Benefits in Increasing Small Business Sales 2

We have to identify the uses and functions of a mail forwarding company that can benefit you as an individual or your new business.

Starting a Business Without a Physical Office

Yes, you are correct. You can start your business without a physical office and still receive mails and packages, and purchases that you need from your customers, suppliers, and personal mails. Your mail forwarding service provider handles this by giving you a virtual address. Due to the world pandemic crises, many businesses have chosen to operate home-base not to disrupt their operations from lockdowns incurred by the government to limit the spread of the covid19 virus. You can be paying for an office that you cannot use due to the current pandemic lockdown. But with your new home-based, business goes on by utilizing your mail forwarder to run the delivery services to and from your customers while you stay put at your home.

Mail Forwarding Service as a Middleman

You can imagine that the old post office drops your mail in your box, and it’s done. The mail or item can be prone to theft from your premises, even if it is an essential item. This mail forwarding has features that notify you on a mail or package waiting for delivery to or from your business address upon your request. It’s a built-in security feature of a systematic and documented service that you will receive from the mail forwarding service provider. Several mail forwarders go beyond their promised service by going the extra mile to provide you their services.


There is so much to do when starting a business, starting from mails, packages, and purchases. One example in an actual situation is when you expect a package to be delivered and you need to go out of town to be at a meeting or pick up something you need. You cannot be at two locations at the same time. For this, you can notify your forwarder to deliver at a convenient time for you at no extra cost. This convenience has an additional risk free from losing your package or going to your post office far from your location. Now you can have time to look for some investors or employees or organize your business worry-free. While you hold up the delivery for your item, someone from your provider is securing your item and storing them while waiting for your command to deliver your item. Isn’t that wonderful for you?

Fewer Expenses, More Savings

Every move you make costs you something. What if you lost your essential mail or package. You have to check from the post office. Driving to and from the post office costs you gas, meals, and time. Sometimes it does not take once or twice to go to the post office if they have a systemic issue. Moving from a post office to a private mail forwarding service provider gives you an advantage due to service efficiency. These services lessen your operational costs since the company scans, stores, recycles, shreds, and archives your mails for you. These are the savings you can have when you use a mail forwarding service. It will be an advantage since you also save manpower, office space, and equipment. These are cost avoidance that you are not doing but rather the mail forwarding company. 

Mail Security

Unattended mail in your mailbox at home can result in identity theft, harassment, and damage to critical legal documents. It will take time and follow-up for an investigation to take place. Most reported theft takes weeks or even months to pin down the suspect without recovering the lost item. With the forwarding service provider, your mail and package are in order and already scanned and sent to you. The mails can be opened, checked, and sent to you to read in a real-time scenario. Your items are organized and kept at a secured building that is guarded by security personnel 24/7. The forwarding company building is also equipped with CCTV, ensuring that all of your mails and packages are secured. Although you can hire your security personnel and reserve space for your mails and parcels, your business is an added cost.

Having a Business Trip that is Out of Town or On Vacation

The big problem for standard mail or post office mail is that you are not informed and stay helpless from your business. Having a mail forwarding account will be no problem since your mails are opened and scanned for you. You can browse your mails on your phone or your laptop when you have access to the internet. With state-of-the-art internet-capable smartphones, iPhones, and laptop computers, you can browse your newly delivered mails from the mail forwarding company by requesting them to open and scan for you. The forwarder prompts you that you have a recent mail through an application software they have provided.

You then log in with your user and security password, and you can request the forwarder to open your letter, scan it, and dump it on your website. Then you can browse your mail even when you are on vacation or in another state. These features ensure that you are personally reading your mails, and no one else can access your mails. You can then arrange your mails through the account website that the mail forwarder assigns to you. You can sort out by date or sort out by the customer or by investors.

The Software Capability is Limitless

For necessary packages, they can scan the name and address of the customer and send it to you. You can request them to store or send them to any location you want by asking them from your phone or laptop computer at a minimal additional cost. This option makes you do something even without your presence. Your business is on the move. You will have a faster response to your customer due to quick mails being sent to you by the power of connectivity. When you request your letter to be opened and scanned, it only takes seconds to forward the document to your customer.

Paperless Means Environment Friendly

The world is moving from paper-dependent to paperless. Reducing paper usage is contributing to the environment and global warming prevention. The letters and documents are stored, are scanned, and electronically saved to your website and that you can store on your hard drive. Your documents are filed and easily accessible compared to piles of paper that can lead to misplaced documents or documents that disasters like fire and flood can destroy.

There is no problem when recalling your documents. Just sort out and locate them whenever your customers need them. Remember that big and heavy cabinets are necessary for compiling and arranging your mail and documents in the old days. You need to sort them out properly so you can quickly locate them later. Old and aging mail documents are discarded by shredding and throwing in the garbage. Cabinets rust and age as well. Another item to maintain and occupy space in the office. The bottom line, this is a significant advantage to your business.


We want to have privacy and a sense of professionalism. Your personal information stays with the mail forwarding service provider. The forwarder can give a corporate address. All the mails coming from your investor or customer go to that address, which adds protection for your privacy. 

Final Thought

Business Mail Forwarding: Tips and Benefits in Increasing Small Business Sales 3

Is it worth it? Can the benefits outweigh the cost spent? Can it help fulfill your business goals? The answer is a big yes. The expertise and experience of a mail forwarding service provider can help in your business. You can not measure the actual cost of lost time, cost avoidance, gained on time, space saved, convenience, health, leisure, and environmental damage. All of this makes sense for a need for a mail forwarding provider for your business.   

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Mail forwarding helps small businesses in handling transactions and keeping track of sales. Learn more about it and how it can boost your business

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