Business Phone Number To Work Wonders On Customer Engagement

Business Phone Number To Work Wonders On Customer Engagement 1

Your business telephone number is the main contact point for your company. While there’s been an increase in the usage of other sources of contact like email and live chat, there is nothing more soothing than having a genuine individual guiding you through the process and solving your queries.

According to a psychology research, talking to your customer on call proves to be 93% more effective than sharing the same information over an email. Also, The 48% of internet searches ended with a call. For the same reason, having a committed phone number for your business works as a cherry on the cake for your existing as well as potential customers.

Office phone system is becoming must for every small and large scale businesses. And in the same VoIP Phone system (Voice over IP) is one of the most used communication system used by businesses today. According to a research, Businesses that upgrade to VoIP save at least 30% on their phone bills!


  • Economically Effective

The current business phone systems such as the VoIP use internet for communication, which is definitely cheaper than any other traditional calling.

  • Professional Image

In the ever advancing world of business, the aspect of dedicated business phone number brings you one step closer to achieving your desired brand identity. Having a universal phone system adds to the credibility to the business and brand as it shows a level of professionalism in your business operations.

  • Mobility

Having a dedicated business phone allows you to be more flexible and accessible even when you’re on move!

  • Accessibility

According to Internet live stats, around 40% of the world population has access to the internet, whereas the percentage of people with telephone or mobile phone access is more compared to that. Having a VoIP phone system with a dedicated business virtual phone number will allow you to be accessible to more number of people across the globe!


The benefits that can be achieved by a business virtual phone number are really high! A comparison between VoIP and traditional telephony reveals that by using VoIP, various businesses can save as much as $1200 per phone line over 2 years.

  • Enormous savings

These VoIP plans have a monthly subscription cost that is lower than traditional telephony service providers, the setup and installment cost are negligible, and highlight is that often regular after-sales services are provided at no additional cost.

  • Customer loyalty

It has been found that if a local number is more approachable for any customer instead of international numbers. Customer will continually keep using the same number for further instances only if the number is local and giving great services. For example, if you have a customer base in the United Kingdom, getting a UK phone number will remarkably increase your customer base and help them keep loyal to your brand.

  • Security

Choosing VoIP as the primary Office phone system has helped many businesses across the globe to pay more attention to client privacy and security. VoIP calls get converted to digital data before being sent across the Internet so it gives a complete protection against hackers and eavesdroppers.

  • Ease of use

Not only is a VoIP Phone system easy to install, but it is easy to use and manage too!

  • Improve customer support

With the help of Virtual Phone number, you’ll be able to give your customers the best support by analyzing each call through call recordings and keep customer vice records for better assessment. When building genuineness for your image and making authentic client commitment, it is important to begin talking and acting like genuine individuals — rather than brands.

  • Analyse your employees’ Productivity

With the help of a well organized and easy to use VoIP Phone System like CallHippo, you’ll be able to keep track of every employee’s work and easily analyze their efficiency. With its help, you can analyze call recording and design your best suitable script.

Often people carry out difficult tasks to increase the customer engagement for their company but the small important tasks get blindsided. One such thing is to get a Virtual phone number for your business. In progressive countries like the UK and USA, local entrepreneurs have started using business phone numbers even for domestic business.

It helps to easily separate your business and personal calls. Many cases have been found where a small business owner is living in the rural area near a major city. Such businessman gets a UK virtual phone number which will depict to the locals in the major cities nearby that the advertised business is located in their city itself and find getting services from that company more trustworthy! Such tactics play a major role in boosting customer engagement with help of Business phone number.

Written by Jyoti Saini

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