Business Trends : 5 Key Digital Transformations For 2021

By Sony T
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Digital Transformations

For the past decades, digital transformation moved at a relatively slow pace. Companies were known to place more emphasis on improving products, services, systems and the experiences of the employees. In 2020, the pandemic hit and brought everything stumbling to a halt and business were not spared. Companies were forced to quickly revamp their operations to keep their business afloat amid unparalleled challenges with a keen focus on IT integration and digital transformation. Looking forward, here are some digital transformation trends that are expected in 2021;


The ripple effect of the Covid-19 pandemic was difficult in 2020 and the consequences continue to be felt in this year too. At the height of lockdown, businesses have been forced to allow the employees to work at the comfort of their homes and a lot of processes and systems have taken the virtual route. What used to be done manually has now been replaced by electronics and this has seemingly improved productivity tremendously and enabled businesses especially those in unexplored markets to jump on the bandwagon of digital transformation.

Boring.Market is one such company that has capitalised on this transformation and is using this platform to showcase their equipment such as used drilling accessories that can be used in rigs and water wells. The company has identified the need to have incorporated the digital space in their marketing endeavours and the targeted consumer can be able to browse through the different machinery without having to leave their homes. Their websites allow the customers to have a view of a variety of machines and equally compare the prices to bag the best deal.


5G simply refers to the 5th generation mobile network. The 5g comes as an improvement to the 4g due to the need for a better and more reliable connection given the increased bandwidth. Consumers can now use their mobile phones, tablets and other smart devices to improve efficiency in the work environment through video conferencing, digital collaboration and remote working.


Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence -AI was only associated with science fiction. Nowadays, AI has become an acceptable concept that is being used by many companies, governments and other organisations. AI and machine learning have become part of our everyday lives and companies are using machine algorithms to identify consumer trends through analysis of data hence making it easier to make prompt decisions that can ideally position the companies in a competitive place.


It’s paramount for businesses to gather customer data and manage it effectively. Without data, the marketing department will not have the vital tools for smarter campaigns. Customer data platforms commonly referred to as CDPs can help in consolidating customer data into one single database in real-time. CDPs software includes Oracle, Adobe, ActionIQ and the list goes on. CDPs are significant. different from CRMs as they don’t require manual maintenance.


The pandemic has seen cybersecurity become a serious concern in the digital world. Hackers have exploited the diverse effects of the pandemic to expand their attacks not only on individuals but also on various businesses across the globe. With many employees working at home, companies must enhance their network security and cybersecurity strategies.

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